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7 Keanu Reeves Quotes That Convey Powerful Messages about Life

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The world needs more positivity, wouldn’t you say? Keanu Reeves quotes are here to uplift and inspire us to be better people. If you’re not all that interested in celebrities, you’re not alone. However, there’s one celebrity you really need to get to know better. His name is Keanu Reeves. No, you shouldn’t read up [...]

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5 Signs of Spiritual Happiness: Are You Experiencing It?

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We all crave true happiness. What more could we want from life than to feel completely at peace and content with ourselves and our lives? This type of happiness is often called spiritual happiness. What Is Spiritual Happiness? At its core, spiritual happiness is based on internal forces. In order to be spiritually happy, you [...]

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8 Types of Happiness: Which Ones Have You Experienced?

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Happiness is something we’re all striving for. Most of us say that all we want for our children, our friends and ourselves is to be happy. Happiness is also incredibly difficult to define. It looks different to everyone. One person’s happiness might not match another’s. There are so many different types of happiness because “happiness” [...]

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5 Gratitude Exercises to Perform When Everything Goes Wrong

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Life has gotten incredibly complicated recently. The Coronavirus Pandemic has taken over our lives. Most of us are living in a locked-down world we never could have imagined. Whether it’s a global crisis or everyday troubles, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that everything has gone wrong if you aren’t practicing gratitude [...]

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6 Traits of Resilient People You Can Cultivate in Yourself

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What is it about resilient people that makes them able to handle any adversity? What can we learn from them to become resilient ourselves? Some may say that the key to success in life is the ability to be resilient. There are many other great attributes that make up a well-rounded person, but resiliency may [...]

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Realistic Optimism Is Not Blind Positivity: How to Cultivate It

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Optimism isn't always the easiest way to approach life, but is realistic optimism more ideal? We would all love to be as optimistic as possible all the time. Unfortunately, this will not be the case - and that's ok. It's fine to acknowledge that things aren't always going to go perfectly despite our desires for [...]

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When Everything Is Falling Apart, Remember 6 Sobering Truths

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Never have our lives been so unusual. We are truly living in unprecedented times and honestly, it feels a little like everything is falling apart. We’ve lost our jobs, our incomes, and our security. Our friends and family are being forced to stay away. Nothing feels all that great right now. Still, inside the darkness, [...]

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How Defensive Pessimism Can Help You Cope with Anxiety

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Stop telling people that everything is going to be fine. Sometimes it isn’t, and this is where defensive pessimism helps us cope with that fact. Not everything in the world goes according to plan. Some things go terribly wrong. For optimists, this can be devastating. You see, optimistic people, while their happiness is usually pretty [...]