If you don’t like your life, then you must create a better one. Using the power of words can do astounding things for you.

Did you ever stop to consider just how strong the power of words can be? Well, if you’re busy most of the time, then probably not. The truth is, we use the same old words, on average, every day.

If we’re tired, we just describe this feeling the same way we did yesterday or the day before. And so, we give power to these words, which in turn, gives less power to ourselves.

Utilizing the power of words

The reason why the word “tired” takes power away from our lives is that it’s considered a negative term. And as you probably already know, negativity and positivity decide and frame your life. Not to say it’s so terrible to endure negativity sometimes, in fact, it can be useful, but it’s not good to stay there.

We need power in what we say, so the negative words cannot rule. Let’s take a look at a few ways to use the power of speaking to make life changes.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world”

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

1. Vocabulary expansion

Here’s something else you might not know: The English language, for example, has an average of 500,000 words, in which we normally only use about 2,000. That’s only 5% of the language. This shortage in the use of language also short changes us emotionally.

We become lazy, falling into the same round of words to express our daily lives. So, to create great change in your life, you should try to expand your language, a bit more every day. Learn about your native language, along with the number of words it entails, then you can strive to push the boundaries on your vocabulary.

2. Understand the power

Never forget that words can create whatever life you want. The positive and negative words go in two different directions. If you choose to use negative language all the time, your life will suffer. On the other hand, if you choose to speak positively, your life will flourish.

It’s as simple as that. To have a powerful language, you have to practice giving life to your words instead of death. And the truth is, uplifting words can be resilient to the problems of life.

3. Silence the critic

When I speak of the critic, I’m not talking about someone else who complains about you. I’m speaking of your inner critic. This is the guy who is constantly showing you the faults and mistakes you make from day to day. If you listen to the drivel that’s presented by this inner mindset, your life cannot grow into maturity.

However, if you learn to tell that guy inside to shut up, your life can change drastically, and fast too. When the inner critic starts to talk, powerful words that embody positivity should rise to strike him down. Tell yourself that you’re worthy, creative, smart, and kind. These words will help you improve those things when taking action.

4. Change your questions

There are times when you question yourself, “Why can’t I get things done on time?” Yeah, that’s exactly why you can’t get anything done. You’re asking negative focused questions instead of positive ones. If you change the questions you ask yourself, then you will get better answers that translate into incentives or motivation.

Over time, asking good questions, things will make your life start to go in a positive direction. For instance, instead of asking that negatively biased question, ask yourself this one, “What can I accomplish today that would bring fulfillment?” Ask this question, find an answer, then bring the answer to life. Over time, you will see large successes in the small steps.

5. Responsibilities are privileges

Here’s an interesting way to use the power of words. Instead of saying you have to do something, try saying you get to do something. When you use the words “have to”, it sounds like a job. But when you use the words, “get to”, it sounds like something fun you’re lucky enough to experience.

So, when applying this small change to the way you talk, you can change the way you feel about your responsibilities. It might not change things overnight, but it will change your outlook when consistently utilized.

6. Respond/don’t react

Let me tell you, I’ve hurt quite a few feelings by reacting to situations instead of correctly responding. You may have done the same thing in the past, but it’s okay. We all learn the hard way about some things. Here’s what we have to do.

Instead of immediately reacting to another person’s words or actions, we should take the time to understand without judgment and then make a sober response. This waiting period keeps us from getting angry and allows us to look at life’s issues maturely. Then we can formulate powerful words to make logical responses.

“Words have oppressed and liberated countless. It is a weapon that can be used to inspire and save lives, or discourage and forsake them.”

-H.S. Crow

There is power in words

Before we can change anything, we do need to understand the power of words. Speaking in simple terms, words control our future. I have seen lives destroyed and lives magnified, both by the power of the spoken language. It’s easier than you think to say things that hold such influence and sway over others.

Be careful with your words

Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.


The bottom line is, we should always think twice and speak once. We should listen carefully, and be slow to answer questions or make decisions. When we correctly use our words, there’s no limit to the powerful ways we can change our lives.

Just try it. Let me know how words are changing your life too.


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  1. David Gospel Kajit

    Remarkable and very true!

    1. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

      Thank you for reading, David.

  2. Jam

    Couldn’t agree more. Words influence your perspective of any situation. Choose them wisely and you’ll sidestep a lot of unnecessary unhappiness in life.

    1. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.


      I agree with you. I’ve made many mistakes with my words, thrown them around carelessly, and yelled them out loud in anger. What did this do? It only made things worse for me. I learned this long ago, and I’m still working on this every day. Thank you for reading.

  3. blessed

    words have awesome power

    1. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

      Words create and words destroy. You are right, blessed.

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