About Lauren

After graduating from art school Lauren moved abroad to teach English and consequently fell in love with traveling. She currently resides in Spain, teaching part time while working on writing and self-exploration. Lauren lives the paleo lifestyle 90% of the time but has already decided she will try pasta at least once if she makes it to Italy.

10 Weird Thoughts Every Introvert Has

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Do you ever have weird thoughts as an introvert? Do you feel abnormal for being on the quiet side? It seems like the world tells you it’s not okay to be less than overly social. Extroverted people are always making you feel inadequate for preferring to be quiet. Here are 10 weird thoughts you may have [...]

7 Signs You Are Dealing with a High Conflict Personality

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Someone with a high conflict personality can be nice at times but aggravating more often than not. There are certain friends and family members whom you have to distance yourself from as they simply stress you out. If you notice your blood boiling whenever you spend too much time with a particular person, chances are that [...]

6 Ways Narrow-Minded People Differ from Open-Minded Ones

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When you are narrow-minded, life is a bit harder. If open-mindedness is a spectrum, are you aware of where you fall? People who are narrow-minded often struggle with surprises and differences. Anything outside of the “norm” is difficult to handle and this often steers them away from trying anything new. On the opposite end, open-minded [...]

8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Find a Like-Minded Friend

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Finding a like-minded friend is one of the best feelings. Not only is it more fun to spend time with people who think like you, it’s also reassuring. You must not be completely crazy if someone else has the same beliefs, right?! Whether you’ve met someone at work whose friendship makes the day more bearable, [...]

5 Signs You Are Dealing with a Fake Person

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Could there be a fake person in your life? We’ve all met someone before who seems really kind at first... keywords: at first. Quickly this nice facade they have constructed fades away and you see them for what they really are, a fake person. Fake people often manipulate everyone around them, from family and friends [...]