What does it mean to have a feisty personality? It can manifest in two distinctly different ways:

  • Somebody courageous, brave, and scrappy.
  • A person who is irritable and argumentative.

It all depends on context – and you might regard a feisty person as confident, bold, and outgoing, who isn’t afraid to stand up for themselves or others.

The other perception is somewhat more negative and can be construed as being thin-skinned, quick to argue, and spoiling for a fight at all times.

In reality, many people tend to perceive this personality type in a negative light because they misunderstand the actual motives of their behavior.

So, do you suspect you might be a feisty person and want to work on making sure you fall on the right side of your personality traits? Or do you know someone with a big character and want to find out more about the reasons behind their behavior?

Read on for the top ten signs of a seriously feisty disposition!

10 Misunderstood and Neglected Traits of a Feisty Personality

1. Feisty People Aren’t Afraid of Confrontation

Let’s start with the obvious – a feisty temperament won’t shy away from sensitive topics or hold back on expressing their feelings with passion and confidence.

Confrontation doesn’t mean starting a row or looking for arguments. It means standing up for themselves, their loved ones, and people who can’t stand up for themselves.

Whether that is righting a wrong, calling out negative behavior, or refusing to accept toxic societal norms, assertive people are never nervous about making their feelings heard.

2. But They Aren’t Interested in Drama

There is a broad spectrum of ways to interpret the word ‘feisty.’ Perhaps to you, that means bitter, catty, bitchy, or sarcastic.

The thing is, none of these things are feisty, but all seem to get rolled together in a big blended ball of words we use to talk about bold people.

True feisty personalities don’t care about drama, gossip, or contention, and they certainly don’t go out of their way to look for it. However, if an injustice comes their way, they will never hesitate to make a stand.

3. Wit Is Always Greater Than Sarcasm

Another clarification point that is worth thinking about! Feisty men and women can be outspoken, and they can be controversial – but they do not intend to be negative.

Sarcastic people are often described as having a feisty personality, but that’s another catchall for someone who always has a retort.

The difference is that a natural feisty person will be thoughtful, intelligent, and methodical in presenting an argument or raising an issue without it being snide or sarcastic.

4. Being Feisty Doesn’t Mean Being Cruel

Again, we might think about our feisty friends and think about people who love to be correct, act a bit of a smartass, and take pleasure in pointing out errors or criticisms.

This factor is another differentiator between someone who is confidently nasty. A contentious person who is a warrior for change and a life-long friend who will stop at nothing to support those they love.

5. They’ll Call You Out When They Need to

But, if you have a friend with a feisty personality, you need to know that they’re not going to crunch their words if you have been acting a little strangely or are upset by something you have said or done.

Being gutsy isn’t a manufactured characteristic but is a natural energy and confidence.

Feisty friends will call you out if they think you need to hear it – but only if they believe it’s in your interests to put the record straight.

6. Feisty Friends Are a Lot of Fun

This personality trait often gets neglected when it comes to feisty people. Negative perceptions make them seem bitter, exhausting, and difficult to deal with.

But the truth is that hanging out with outgoing, sassy people can be a whole lot of fun – and is sure to be dynamic and exciting! They will harness their exuberant personality to make the best of any situation.

7. Strong People Tend to Be Feisty

Shy and retiring types are rarely described as being feisty. So, if you have a feisty nature, you’re likely a strong friend who is the backbone of your friendship group.

If you’re in a spot of bother, struggling with a problem, or need help overcoming a challenge, a fiery person will be there for you every step of the way. They will tackle the situation headfirst with a proactive and take-no-prisoners approach.

8. A Feisty Personality Doesn’t Have to Win the Argument

Boldness doesn’t mean arrogance, and neither does feistiness mean being argumentative.

Brave people don’t need to score points or prove they have won but might feel compelled to get involved when something doesn’t sit right. It matters less that they ‘win’ and more that they haven’t ignored something that they can’t walk past without getting involved with.

9. Being Feisty Isn’t a Defence Mechanism

A straightforward way to define feisty personalities from argumentative ones is that a scrappy person is uninhibited and happy to engage even with a contentious dialogue – but they aren’t hiding behind anything.

Many rude, spiteful people are defending against their insecurities, but an assertive person is simply voicing their position when they feel it matters.

10. They Are an Open Book

Lastly, another important trait to clarify is that a feisty personality isn’t mysterious! It isn’t a trait that makes people feel aggressive, angry, or confrontational – but it equips them with the skills to take a stand if they need to.

Feisty people won’t be guarded, suspicious, or secretive. They will welcome friends into their fold, with the characteristics that make them open, kind, and easy to know.

Do you know a feisty person whose traits and behaviors often get misunderstood? Or are you such a person yourself? Please share your thoughts on the topic with us!


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