Have you noticed how people love drama? I mean they literally thrive off the frustration and pain of others. How can this be?

It’s obvious that people love drama and this has become a serious issue in our society today. Truth be told, this disturbing fact is one of the reasons that I stay to myself most of the time. While I too seem to stare and ask questions when something happens, there are those who try to stir up drama even when drama doesn’t exist.

Why do we love drama?

There’s not just one reason why people love drama. No, depending on the individual, drama plays many parts in life. It’s not about being real anymore, for most people. Now, it’s about creating a life that others envy, even when you must drown everyone in drama.

What are some of the reasons why people love drama? Read on…

1. Drama is exciting

One thing is for certain, drama is exciting. Even I can attest to that. The sad part about this excitement, however, is that the fun sometimes comes at the expense of someone else.

Although something unfortunate could happen to one person, another group of people, those who love drama, could be entertained by this misfortune as if attending a show or a movie. This is one major reason why people thrive off car accidents, disasters, or death. I know it sounds horrible, but this is what we are doing as a society.

2. Drama connects with our emotions

Ordinary aspects of life like reading books, doing chores, or fulfilling daily routines don’t usually connect all that much with our emotions. I mean, come on, how emotional do you get while washing dishes? Reading books does connect a bit with our emotions, but it’s a written story without all the real-world dramatics.

Now, on the flip side, how emotional do you get when you learn about a friend’s failed marriage? If they’re a close friend, you might feel a certain amount of empathy for them.

And yes, you will hate the fact that they are hurting, but secretly, you will be glad they shared the news with you as well. If they are taking comfort from you, you will feel even more in touch with your own emotions too.

3. We love stories

How fun is it to relay a story to a friend? It’s pretty entertaining, isn’t it? People love drama simply because it provides them with a story to tell friends and family. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Sometimes the story is a mystery and this makes it even more tantalizing. Unfortunately, even the negative things that happen provide an interesting story…and that’s enough for most people.

Stories of this sort feed the habit of gossip. There are some people who love drama so much that they will even make up lies to provide story fodder. They don’t care if these lies hurt others because drama is what matters the most.

4. People love attention

What is the easiest way to propel yourself into the spotlight? That’s right, it’s drama. If you know a bit of news about someone or a situation, you can quickly become the center of attention. For example, if you have information about a crime, you can become the “first-hand witness”.

After the initial information, others will come to you for more information. In many circumstances, these witnesses are even asked to make an appearance on news broadcasts or complete interviews because of their knowledge of the crime. This knowledge is the drama that people so long for.

5. Drama is an addiction

Once you get started thriving off drama, you will want more. Drama has a way of becoming an addiction to those who benefit the most. It’s like cigarettes, coffee, or drugs.

If you get used to loving drama and following all the latest info and news, you will suffer when nothing happens – it’s like a withdrawal. This addiction to drama sometimes leads to causing fights and disruptions in order to fulfill the need for more drama.

6. People like problems

Basically, people just love problems. Considering life is pretty hectic on its own, there’s usually no shortage of issues. In some rare cases, however, life can be peaceful, and guess what? People who love drama will feel lost during this time.

Here’s a weird fact, some people may even become depressed if nothing bad or stressful is happening to them. They have just become so accustomed to the negativity that positivity becomes alien. This is another reason why people love drama.

7. Drama is a distraction

Sometimes the reason why we love drama is that drama is a distraction. The real issues in our lives may not be as exciting or they may be too stressful to handle. Thriving off the drama from the rest of the world can help us forget about the truth of our own lives.

While an unhealthy alternative, thriving off external drama does give us a rest from our overwhelming personal stress. It even buys us some time to come up with a solution to what we deal with. Drama, derived from disasters, destruction, accidents, and deaths also helps us see things from a larger perspective.

How can we deal with drama queens?

Dealing with people who love drama is not easy. Setting aside the fact that I have been in this category, I will tell you how to get around these folks.

It’s best to keep information to yourself when dealing with those who love drama, even your family. Only tell people what you would want everyone else to know. The reason for this is because those who love drama will spread your information around like wildfire.

If you’re dealing with someone who throws tantrums in order to cultivate drama, then limit your words. When they see that you will not fight back they will drop the routine.

If you notice someone suffering from a lack of drama, offer your help. Show them how important peaceful times can be in life. Show them how other, less dramatic things, can help them grow.

You can even help dramatic people get to the root of their problems. Ask them why they feel drawn to negativity. The truth is, there is usually a deep reason why certain people are drawn to intensity.

These people, especially the ones who crave the spotlight, have usually grown to be selfish, either by lack of attention as a child or being taught to be selfish throughout life. Just get to the bottom of the reason and you might be able to help.

Yes, maybe we should tone down the drama

I have been a drama queen before, and I am ashamed of this. But considering drama has been practically ingrained into my character from my earliest years, it will take some time to remove its hold on my life.

I think this goes for many other people as well. While drama may be entertaining and thrilling, it can also cause so much pain for others. Instead of being people who love drama, maybe we should be people who promote peace.

While it might take a while to accept the decrease in stimulation, it will be worth the improvement in character in the long run. Let’s promote and love each other instead of selfishness and division. It’s just the right thing to do.


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    My. Mom. Love s. Drama

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      Many people do. They have holes inside and they feed that hole with drama.

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      She is a narcissist

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