When you feel like giving up, your mind doesn’t automatically go to ways of improvement. But there are things that make life feel worthwhile.

I think we’ve all felt this way before, like giving up on everything. I know I have. Life can be difficult, so hard to the point where there seems to be no solution to problems. But on the flip side, life is beautiful, and if you feel like giving up, there are ways to turn it around.

What to do when you feel like giving up?

It takes a lot of pain and heartache to reach the desire to give up, but it happens. These feelings can be strong, making you lose all interest in things you used to love, and even lashing out at others.

When you feel like giving up, you lose compassion too. Then at other times, you may be kind to others but secretly feel despondent and hopeless about your own life. But the good news is, there are things you can do to help yourself.

1. Accept changes

Many times, people feel like giving up because they cannot hold tight to the good times. One huge truth about life is that it’s never good all the time. Things change, and the faster you can grow accustomed to this fact, the less likely you will feel like giving up on everything.

Just remember this: if things are bad, they won’t always be this way, and likewise, if things are good, they won’t always be this way either. It’s just the natural ebb and flow of life. Make peace with this.

2. Be inspired

When you’re feeling hopeless, one of the best things to do is find an inspirational story. People all over the world are going through difficult situations, and so many of them are conquering these issues and becoming successful in life.

Read books or watch documentaries of success stories – this will help you see how people can be at their lowest point and rise above adversity. It can help you keep going.

3. Past achievements

One way to keep moving forward is to remember the good things from the past. Do you remember when you finished college? Do you remember when you helped a friend through a tough situation of their own? Perhaps you remember how you landed a great job.

There are so many things in your past, among the bad, that were positive. Now, I know some people have it extremely difficult, but there’s always something that puts a smile on your face. Think of these things to help you get through your present situation.

4. Practice gratitude

This one actually intersects the point about remembering past achievements because, in the midst of giving thanks, you remember all your blessings in life. Practicing gratitude even in the darkest times somehow elevates your emotions and outlook on life.

When you are thankful for what you have, the things you don’t attain seem smaller. Yes, it might seem unbearable when you can’t have something you want, but it can always be worse. So, keep a journal, and write all the things you’re thankful for. Then read them when you feel like giving up.

5. The right relationships

It could be that the feeling of giving up stems from being in toxic relationships. Being surrounded by people who use you, don’t provide needed support, or even throw insults in your face can make you feel so hopeless. You may even start to isolate yourself.

During this isolation, the beautiful things in life start to take on a hue of gray instead of full color. If you think you’re around toxic people, then it’s time to distance yourself from them so you can feel good about yourself again. At first, it might be painful, but after a while, you will regain your self-worth.

6. Take care of yourself

Some of us lose hope when we mistreat our bodies, and over time, we start to feel physically bad. This could be due to eating unhealthy foods, never exercising, never smiling, and even walking around with our heads down.

One way to stop feeling like giving up is to practice more healthy actions, both physically and mentally. Sometimes you have to push yourself to get started because hopelessness dulls motivation. This is why practicing healthy lifestyles over and over is so important.

7. Find an accountability partner

It’s easier to fail at something if you have no one to support you. And it’s not just about support. It’s also about having someone to call you on things when you’re being deceptive and when you’re lying.

Yes, not being honest with yourself will eventually make you say, “I feel like giving up”. Get someone to hold you accountable for all your actions, good and bad, and this will help you change your mindset.

8. Hold on to hope

Although life can be incredibly hard to navigate, there’s always hope. Giving up means not giving the next day a chance, the next job, or the next relationship. In all the dark places in the world, there is a light there as well.

So, being patient during hard times is key to getting through these times. If you feel hopeless, patience can help you stay calm and guide you to positive ideas in life. Instead of giving up, hold tight to patience and hope, and more likely than not, things will change.

Life isn’t always negative

When you feel like giving up, please understand that you’re not the only one who sometimes feels this way. I think most of us fall into hopelessness at some point or another.

The most important thing to do when you start feeling like this is to take care of yourself. If you need to sleep for a while or spend some time in a quiet place, then do this. Do what you need to do in order to examine your purpose in life. You matter, and you should never forget that. So, giving up is not an option.


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