The sad truth is that most people never achieve what they dream about. But did you ever ask yourself what would happen if you dared to follow your dreams?

Most of us come to realize that there are far more important things to worry about like paying rent or keeping a job. What it comes down to is surviving to see the next day, rather than being happy that we are alive.

But what happens if you decide to follow your dreams and actually do something to achieve them?

What are the changes you can expect from yourself and the world around you?

1. Purpose in life

You might have heard people saying that dreams are what make life worth living. While it’s true in many cases, it comes down to personal thoughts. Everyone is a consensus thought about the feeling of finally daring to follow your dreams – it gives your life a purpose.

That term has never been used in such a serious and life-changing way. Having a purpose in life is both an exciting and fearful experience. You finally have something concrete and important to do as a person, while finally losing that sense of insecurity about what comes next.

People who chase their dreams are sure of themselves and their life goals – nothing stands between them and their purpose.

2. Being more confident

Everything you do will resonate with confidence and bravery when you follow your dreams. You might not notice it at first but people around you will – and they will certainly let you know about it.

Being more confident about our decisions is something that we are all missing to some extent. Once you act based on where you want to be years down the line, those decisions and stressful situations become mere stepping stones towards a greater goal in life.

3. Becoming a role model

You might have heard about public speakers such as Nick Vujicic or Robin Sharma. These people are spiritual gurus who went through huge life trauma and found their purpose in life. Everything they did from then on has been based on dreams and goals.

You will quickly become an inspiring figure in your local vicinity and people will act differently around you. Being someone who is an influential role model is a huge burden to carry – you always have to act the way people expect you to.

It shouldn’t be too hard, however, because everything that you do will be based on exactly what brought you into this position, to begin with.

4. Waking up energized

You will never hear a dreamer wake up tired and stressed about everything they have to do that day. People who dream and act upon in feel energized from the moment they wake up.

To them, sleep is a way of recharging energy in order to continue chasing after goals and working for a better future. You can rest assured that you will never wake up grumpy or stressed if you do what you always dreamed of doing in life.

5. Finding new hobbies

When you follow your dreams, you will find yourself discovering latent skills and hobbies that were hidden in plain sight. You might need new skills and knowledge in order to fulfill your dreams.

Working on new hobbies and doing something that you never thought of doing before can be a life-changing experience for many. If you have dreamed about doing something new and exciting, why not start right now and see where it takes you?

6. Spiritual over material

As we all know, dreams are spiritual manifestations and as such, they hold different value in the material world. People who are filled with their dreams and chase them wherever they go are often the ones that prefer spiritual over the material.

Fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, and cars simply don’t do the trick for them. When you follow your dreams, these momentary satisfactions are nothing compared to being inspired and having a purpose in life.

Everyone who decided to follow their dreams can attest that they gradually started putting material possessions aside and focused on the spiritual instead.

7. Meeting new people

It’s only logical that dreamers meet dreamers. When you follow your dreams, you are far more likely to find like-minded people that are doing much of the same.

You can meet a lot of new people and even friends for life by being yourself and throwing away what society has in store for you by default. People who are confident and persistent in their dreams will attract each other and help each other in unexpected ways.

8. Letting go of old grudges

The best part of being driven by your dreams is that you no longer have time to hold grudges. You will soon realize that any grudges you may be holding against your neighbors, friends or family members seem meaningless in light of recent events.

You have too much to do about your new life goals to spend time and waste energy on people who have done wrong by you in the past. Think about focusing on personal dreams and goals instead of being mad or stressed about someone who probably doesn’t even give you a second thought.

Future uncertain

What makes dreams so attractive to chase is that your future suddenly seems more positive than ever before. Being someone who has a reason to get up in the morning and shines wherever they go will surely turn a couple of heads.

While it’s important to stay realistic, it’s also important to daydream about what can come to pass. Making just a small step towards your goal every day will make you feel like a completely different person, and it’s one of the many reasons that you should follow your dreams.

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    How true this is, now if everyone’s dream could be POSITIVELY & GENUINELY PRODUCTIVE, we could have paradise on earth………

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