Mid- and late 20s are probably the most beautiful time in your life – you are still young and full of energy but far more mature and wise than you were just a couple of years ago. This period of your life is also extremely important as the choices you make in your 20s path the way to your future happiness and accomplishment.

Here are five life-changing decisions you should take in your 20s if you want to live a happy and meaningful life.

1. Set your priorities in life

In your mid-20s, you begin to realize what matters most to you, and the path towards your life purpose unfolds in front of you. If right after the college you were confused and uncertain about what you wanted from life, now the things become much clearer.

Different people are meant for different life roles, and you need to find yours. Some people make a successful career, others are meant to become great parents and some other people live to make the world a better place.

Whatever your highest priority in life is, it’s time to focus on it and devote more time and energy to the things that truly matter to you, before it’s too late. It’s sad when at some point people realize they have devoted their whole life to the things they never really cared about.

2. Quit the job you hate and stick to what you love doing

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

― Randy Komisar

Our education system forces us to make life-changing decisions about our career at a ridiculously young age. So it’s no surprise that later it turns out the field of study you chose in your 18 is not what you wanted. As a result of these poor life choices, many people end up hating their boring job, annoying colleagues, demanding boss and get frustrated with their lives in general.

But it’s never too late to make a career change and, in fact, it’s much better to do it in your 20s than to live a life of regrets. Moreover, now when you are still young, it will be much easier for you to change your daily routine and adapt to a new working environment.

Of course, it’s probable that you still don’t know what job would suit you and make you happy. Your childhood memories may help you with this – try asking yourself the following questions: What did you enjoy doing when you were a kid? What did you want to be when you grew up? What were your hobbies and talents?

3. Get people and things you don’t like out of your life

It doesn’t matter what the hell it is… whether it’s a relationship, a lifestyle, a habit or a job —if it doesn’t make you happy, LET IT GO.

As years go by, you realize that there is no point in spending your precious time and energy on someone/something that doesn’t bring you joy. Do you hang up with negative and toxic people or sacrifice your personal time for the things you don’t enjoy? It’s time to stop doing what others want and start listening to yourself.

When you are going to meet a friend/relative/colleague of yours and feel like it’s more of a social obligation than a genuine desire for communication, then this person probably doesn’t have a place in your life. Of course, it’s much more difficult to do when it comes to the people you work with, but you always can limit your communication with negative people to professional topics.

4. Take care of your health

Now when you are still young, you may feel great and have no health issues. However, everything that comes in contact with your body now – the food you eat, the hygiene products you use, the air you breathe – will inevitably affect your health in some years from now. Just think how much poison you consume every day through low-quality foods, toxic substances and polluted air.

You can’t do much about the environment you live in, but you can make healthier choices in food and lifestyle. Some of the numerous ways to do it are buying organic fruit and vegetables, quitting smoking, using natural cosmetics and hygiene products, doing some exercise.

Choose a healthy lifestyle now and you will thank yourself later.

5. Accept yourself as you are

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

― Kurt Cobain

Mass culture and social stereotypes create certain patterns of behavior, thinking, personality and even physical appearance that most people subconsciously want to adopt.

That’s why most children and teenagers want to be someone else, doing their best to mimic their idol, whether it’s a real person or a fictional character. Those who don’t want to conform to the mainstream standards often get socially rejected.

However, the truth is that you are never going to be happy and accomplished if you suppress your personality and follow someone else’s dreams. Don’t force yourself to become someone else only because others prefer this type of person. You will only reach inner harmony and happiness if you are honest with yourself.

Your mid- and late 20s are the time when you begin to realize who you actually are and what your mission in this life is. So, learn to listen to yourself and make the right choices now, if you want to live a happy and meaningful life.

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  1. Blake Powell

    I’m about to turn 25 in the new year and this post rings true for me. Loved the Cobain quote and the part about needing to be true to yourself instead of trying to be someone else’s ideal person by working a job you hate or life you don’t like. I’m currently in the middle of a career change and it has been so rewarding and challenging for me to take the first step towards a better life, but I’m glad I did.

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