We all want to be successful, it’s human nature to strive to complete goals and achieve the lifestyle we have always dreamed of.

It may seem like common sense that extroverts will be the most successful due to their outgoing, confident nature, but science is actually arguing that introverts are more likely to be successful, and here’s why.

1. You do things your way

When you prefer spending time alone, you tend not to require the approval of others.

This means you can spend your time making choices that are good for you¸ and not other people – a sure way to get the success you crave. You set your own standards and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, without the opinion of others getting in the way.

2. You think about things carefully

Being an introvert, you’re unlikely to make choices without thoroughly thinking them through first. Introverts spend more time thinking about everything, including the big choices that have to be made.

In 2013, a study carried out by Cornell University showed that the chemical dopamine was more present when extroverts received rewards, whereas introverts experienced less dopamine responses, meaning their reward system is significantly lower than their extrovert counterparts.

Introverts prefer to think things through and act on the consequences, rather than the reward, a great tool for being successful.

3. You’re more likely to concentrate more

Being in solitude is a great way to concentrate more and work harder towards those goals. When distractions are removed and you spend time alone, your productivity levels will rise and you will achieve goals faster than those who prefer to be around others and open themselves to the many distractions that brings.

4. You are self-driven

People who like to spend time alone are self-driven and know what they want, as well as how they can achieve it. They complete tasks before moving onto next, without the assistance or instruction of other people. Introverts work on instinct and common sense and do what they can to drive themselves towards their goals.

5. You’re always listening

Listening to information, conversations and the little things that other people don’t notice will get you far in life. Introverts do this naturally and this is why they can be more successful than those who prefer to talk, rather than listen.

Whilst spending time alone can mean being in complete isolation, it can also mean working alone whilst in a busy environment, such as a coffee shop – listening to others helps build empathy, understanding and knowledge, something that will help anybody be successful.

6. You get more done

Whilst their peers are out partying on weekends, those who prefer to stay in are more likely to achieve their goals. Those who prefer to be out and socialising may have a strong social life, but those who stay in and work towards achieving their goals – whether personal or career-driven – are more likely to be successful.

7. You’re self-aware

Introverts and people who like to spend time alone are very aware of their own feelings, thoughts and actions. This will help them to be more successful as they can often identify where they are going wrong in certain situations and can analyse it so they can change where necessary.

Being so self-aware also means introverts are unlikely to do things that embarrass themselves or those around them (including the companies they work for), and they’re careful as to how they portray themselves to others, which can only be beneficial in the world of success.

Society tells us that spending time alone can be unhealthy and if you don’t have an active social life where you go to several social events a week, you’re not doing life properly.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and this article pinpoints exactly why being alone can be the key to success, so if you’re an introvert who likes to spend time alone – think about the ways in which you can use this to your advantage and become successful in your own life.

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