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What It Means to Be a Private Person in an Overconnected World

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In today’s world, privacy seems to be a thing of the past. We stay connected with each other 24/7 and showcase our whole lives on social media. What does it mean to be a private person in a world of constant connection? Let’s give a definition of a private person first of all. It is [...]

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8 Powerful Traits of a Lone Wolf Personality & a Free Test

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What does it mean to have a lone wolf personality? A lone wolf is an independent, self-sufficient person who enjoys solitary activities and has little or no interest in social interaction. What Is the Difference between a Lone Wolf Personality and an Introvert? The above sounds much like the definition of an introvert, doesn’t [...]

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‘Am I an Introvert?’ 30 Signs of an Introvert Personality

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Am I an introvert? I wish I had asked myself this question when I was a teenager. But back then, I had no idea what an introvert is. I was convinced that something was wrong with me. I thought that my difficulties with social interaction were due to some flaws in my personality. Are you [...]

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How to Handle Nosy Neighbors as an Introvert

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Having neighbors can be great. They could be built-in friends that come with your new home and end up being your closest friends for life. They’re helpful to have around too. Neighbors will watch your house while you’re away and can be your first call in an emergency. Friendly neighbors are a very coveted thing [...]

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4 Differences Between Antisocial and Introvert: Which One Are You?

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Introverts are almost always mistaken for being antisocial. The immediate assumption is that they don’t want to be around others because they don’t like anyone. Their reclusiveness is seen as hostile. Antisocial and introvert could appear similar at surface level, but they aren’t the same at all. Antisocial people could be introverted or extroverted. Being [...]

  • Power of Introverts Loners Species Survival

The Power of Introverts: Study Finds Loners Are Crucial to Species Survival

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For years now, loners and introverts have been the outsiders of society. They’re considered to be strange and boring, and not worth inviting to your events. The truth is, introverts and loners are just misunderstood. Finally, scientific research has proven that introverted people and those who choose to be loners are essential to our survival. [...]

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Social Distancing from an Introvert’s Point of View

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We’re living in strange and unprecedented times right now and it can all feel a little overwhelming. We’re (hopefully) all pulling our own weight and following the advice of professionals. Together with keeping up our hand washing and general cleanliness in public places, the whole world has been given one clear instruction – practice social [...]