If you have the ISTP Personality type, you’re considered mechanically gifted. This means you have a knack for building and taking things apart.

ISTP stands for ‘introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving’. This type of person is introverted, which means that they need more time alone to think. When they think, they create logical and sensible ideas and plans.

Trust me, they follow through with most of these ideas. They adore action and unique experiences because this just gives them more ideas. Their sensing and perception of each new environment help them utilize anything they see that may be helpful to them.

What are the traits of the ISTP personality?

There are many traits that separate the ISTP type from the other 15 personality types in the Myers-Briggs test. These traits are easily noticeable to others, and even sometimes intimidating.

Let’s examine these notable traits and gain an understanding of an intriguing personality type. Is this your personality?

1. A grounded person

If you are an ISTP personality type, you are a grounded person. This means, you aren’t interested in vague ideas and don’t have time for generalizations about people, places, or things.

You are stable and you want your ideas to be the same way, backed by facts, and fully aware of what’s going on around you. Instead of always dreaming of an idea, you rather tackle the theory and see if it works. This takes the use of all your senses.

2. You are a private person

Although you are kind to others, offering help when needed, you are also private. Others shouldn’t expect full transparency about all the things in your life.

You feel no need to share everything with everyone, and this irritates others of different personality types. What they can expect is a relaxed, confident person, but one who is not an extravert.

3. Can be unpredictable

Unlike most introverts, the ISTP doesn’t like established routines, and there are many moments when you can be spontaneous. What happens is all that creative energy stored away for projects and ideas can boil over. If you aren’t working on something, you may be getting restless.

All of a sudden, you may start taking risks and experimenting with thrill-seeking behavior. You’re looking for new and exciting things that can use your reserves of creativity.

4. Physical intelligence

The personality type, ISTP, is fully aware of their body and their surroundings, which means they have exceptional physical intelligence.

This includes amazing hand/eye coordination, athletic abilities, and other such skills. As you utilize your thinking and sense, you know when to move, and how to move to get the best results.

5. Often hide emotions

One of the most interesting traits of the ISTP is the fact that you hide your emotions. The reason why – it’s simply because you don’t really know how to express them. If you think about all the other traits, this would make sense.

Emotions are rather abstract, and the ISTP prefers to work with things they can see, hear, or feel materialistically. Emotions may seem strange until you’ve mastered a way to show your feelings in a healthy manner.

6. Slow to be judgemental

Some people, actually many of them, make judgments based on feelings or morals. You, the ISTP personality type, tend to judge only on objective information.

This means, you only use facts that do not relate to any standards or personal beliefs. This is looked at as a strange attribute to other personality types.

7. Not as verbal

While you do socialize to some extent, you aren’t a big talker. The reason for this is that you spend much of your time working out situations and ideas inside the quiet of your head. If you’re not talking, it doesn’t mean you’re unfriendly or rude.

It just means, you’re probably trying to figure out how to take apart the computer sitting on the desk in the corner. Or you could be wondering if you could fix your own car instead of paying someone else to do it. They never really know what you’re thinking, so they may get the wrong impression.

8. Dirty hands don’t bother you

This can be a literal statement or a figurative one. Either way, you are not afraid of getting a little dirt on your hands. This comes in handy when taking things apart, putting them together, or even doing jobs that are completely filthy.

You might wipe your dirty hands on your clothes, or even get a little grease on your nose. But you don’t freak out by this. You’re too involved in the project at hand.

An interesting and intriguing personality

The ISTP personality type isn’t the rarest type, but it is unusual. There are also more men, 9%, than women, 2%, that fall into this category. When they find out you’re an ISTP woman, they may just call you a ‘tomboy’. If you’ve been called that before, it’s all coming together now, isn’t it?

But regardless of what type you are, I say embrace yourself. It takes all sorts of people to make the world go around. We need every one of them to make it interesting as well.

So, have you taken the test? What personality type are you?


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