The term energy vampires is a metaphor used to refer to people who intentionally or not absorb your positive vibrations and leave you feeling stressed, frustrated, or worried for no reason.

Have you ever felt strange emotional exhaustion after talking with somebody? Have you ever felt like Hercules carrying the world on your shoulders after you listened to somebody complaining about their life? Then you must have been around energy vampires who fed off with your energy.

Who Are the Energy Vampires?

Anyone. Family members, friends, your manager. Basically any person you come into contact with.

How to Recognize the Energy Vampires?

We communicate in more different ways than just words and gestures. Energetic vibration is another channel of communication. It is a result of thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, which can influence not only our lives but also other people’s emotional state.

There are positive and negative energy vibrations. The positive energy vibrations, light, and spread optimism wherever a person is.

For example, a person with positive vibrations will influence the emotional state of others around him/her by being joyful, smiling, and joking. Opposite to these people’s positive vibrations, there are the energy vampires.

The energy vampires come in different shapes and forms, but they all absorb your energy and light in order to survive or satisfy their ego.

Here are four types of energy vampires:

1. The Dominator

He/she usually has a friendly attitude that hides his/her true intent in order to get the benefits without giving anything in return. This type of “vampire” will tell you what is best for you or what decisions you should make.

While that sounds very sweet and caring, the dominator will only manipulate you to accomplish his/her goals.

2. The Helpless Vampire

This type of energy vampire has a pessimistic and a negative view of life and never fails to complain about his/her failures, about how difficult is for him/her to find solutions. He/she feels inferior and is constantly envious of the qualities or achievements of friends and relatives.

Usually, he/she unconsciously makes his/her problems sound like they are your problems. This is the reason why a conversation with a helpless vampire makes you feel unhappy or worried for no apparent reason.

3. The Investigator

A sceptical, annoying perfectionist undermines or questions every activity or person. The more you try to prove them the contrary, the more energy you give them. It is a lost battle because they are always right.

4. The Talkative Vampire

Often egocentric, unable to listen to someone else using his relatives or friends as spectators of his/her endless monologues.

These are only a few and general examples of energy vampires. Sometimes, it may be difficult recognizing somebody who uses your energy, especially if they come across as friendly and kind people.

The best way to know if you are around a “vampire” is to assess your mood changes. The vampire could provoke you severe headaches, excessive fatigue, feelings of guilt, and insecurity.

How to Avoid Energy Vampires?

It is difficult to avoid Energy Vampires under certain circumstances. If they happen to be a family member or your employer, then the avoidance might be more difficult. But that does not mean you are forced to live surrounded by them.

Set boundaries

It is important to let people know what you like and what you do not like. If a behaviour or a conversation cause you uncomfortable emotions, it is best if you talk about them and define a limit as it helps you separate your own thoughts and feelings from others’. Moreover, you avoid being manipulated or used.

Walk away

Although it may be a difficult decision, if you no longer feel positively influenced by someone’s presence, it is best if you tactfully leave the relationship, job, or place. Tolerating people or situations that do not motivate or make you happy can only affect your wellbeing.

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