There are many different articles describing how to protect yourself from energy vampires.

Many people believe that energy vampires are some kind of an evil cult and that chances of meeting one are slim to none. One of the definitions of an energy vampire that seems to resonate with the truth is – “a person who is lacking the energy of life and is forced (often subconsciously) to obtain the energy from someone other than his/her own higher self”.

It means that anyone including yourself, friends and relatives can fall into a state of an energy vampire. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that it is ok to fall, but staying on the ground in the energy deficient state can have harsh consequences and even cause real problems with health.

Why You Should Beware of Energy Vampires

It is vital to keep your own energy in balance and be able to identify when someone falls into a state of an energy vampire. Knowing the signs can help to protect your own energy and prevent you from being an “energy battery” for those who are lazy to get up. In many cases, energy vampires are people in our close circle, people you know and even your family members.

During my school years (back then my home country Ukraine was still a part of the Soviet Union) we all had to learn “do everything you can to save your fellow comrade even if you would have to sacrifice yourself”. After traveling around the world and coming of age, I realized that it might not be the most effective way to save a person you really care about.

One saint once said “save yourself and thousands around you will be saved”. So, if you really want to help someone who is becoming an energy vampire, you should first start with yourself and take responsibility for keeping the energy exchange in balance.

If someone is abusing your energy, you should know how to protect yourself. There are also cases when you will need to show some tough love in order to help the other person get back on track.

Everyone is responsible for the potential that was given to them on the date of their birth (see “How Knowing Your Cosmic Address can help to Realize your Potential) and it is crucial to protect their own energy in order to effectively realize that potential.

5 Signs of an Energy Vampire – Do Any of These Sound Like Someone You Know?

Here are five signs of an energy vampire to keep in mind when interacting with people you know. There is really nothing scary about energy or psychic vampires. When you know the physics behind the energy-informational field, you are able to effectively keep your own energy in balance, as well as truly help others.

1. Do you check who is calling?

Those who are used to abusing your energy are very often first to call and they often do it at a very inconvenient time for you. It seems like they feel when you are vulnerable. On the energy-informational field, we all are connected with each other.

When an energy vampire feels that your attention (energy flows where your attention is) starts flowing in another direction, he or she wants to quickly get hold of you in order to re-establish the emotional connection.

Thus, when you are involved in something important, don’t forget to turn off your phone or just ignore the caller. If you absolutely have to answer the phone, make sure you let the caller know that you are very busy and if there is no grave danger, you will call back later (even if it is your mom calling). It will help to keep your concentration and complete the task with quality.

Try to limit your calls to about 5-15 minutes. Usually, if your call is dragging longer and you are not discussing anything important, the person on the other line is hanging on your energy.

2. Do you value your time?

Those who fall into an energy vampire state value their time more than yours; that is why they will always make you wait for them. There are also those people for whom being late is a part of their character.

If you are one of those people, just make sure to compensate for the time someone spent waiting for you (sincere hug, a smile, a drink or a small gift could work). If someone acts like it is your fault that they are late, it is a good sign that they are getting ready to suck your energy.

You have to remember that time is energy and a valuable asset. Make sure you value your time as well as the time of others.

3. Do you know someone who is always in trouble and only you can help?

It is quite obvious that people who lack their own energy often find themselves in trouble. Inability to sustain balanced work of energy centers for a long time can cause sickness as well as problems in personal as well as professional life.

The first thing to remember is that “something bad happens in life not because you have done something wrong, but for you to do something right about it”. If someone you know is in trouble, you can give advice and help that person with the excess of your own energy if you have it.

However, you do have to remember that everyone has their own lessons in life and experiences that they have to go through. You can do your part in assisting that person of getting out from an energy lacking state, but you should not do the “homework” for the person in trouble. Remember about keeping energy in balance or you might find yourself in trouble.

4. Do you know someone who will help when you need it?

There is a simple way to test someone’s energy level. You can simply ask them to help you with something. Those who lack their own energy will do everything they can to avoid giving their energy to someone else. Energy vampires are used to taking energy, not giving it.

You should also be on a look out for those who will be willing to help you for a price that exceeds the benefit of their help. Asking for help can be a very useful skill, the key is to keep the energy exchange fair.

5. Do you know people who are bored with life?

If someone is bitter about life and nagging all the time, it is a good sign that that person is down on their energy. Energy vampires strive to gain your attention by all possible means. They often play the role of ballast in your life.

Thus, in order to reach the next level of your spiritual evolution, you will need to let them go. If you want to grow and realize your potential, you should do what you can to be around like-minded people, those who can help achieve your dreams. Those who are bored from living will just suck your energy and lead you away from realizing your creative essence.

These basic signs can help you identify an energy vampire and give you a chance to keep a healthy exchange of energy between the people you know, as well as prevent others from abusing your willingness to share energy. If you are an empath or a very sensitive to energy person, you might want to consider learning more advanced energy protection techniques.

It could involve learning more about the energy-informational field and higher levels of consciousness. If you can’t really feel that much and your “skin is too thick”, there are also ways to develop your sensitivity towards energy. Knowing how to correctly interact with the energy-informational field is becoming a vital skill and can help you reach your full potential.

Keep your energy flow in balance, never stop learning new things and remember that ignorant worldview together with negative thinking patterns are probably the most destructive weapons of today.

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  1. Alba

    It is always simpler to think that other are the problem 😉
    If you get your energy drag down by someone, something… just question yourself : “What is the issue there?” and “What did I call for… is my OWN energy at its best ?”.

    Instead of positioning yourself as a… victim of every vilain out there! (usually balanced people don’t have problem with… energy vampires. If you get “vampirezed”… you called for it 🙂 Take responsibility,


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