So, you think you’ve seen it all? You haven’t seen anything yet. By the year 2030, advancements will excel anything we’ve seen before concerning human intelligence.

In fact, predictions offer glimpses of something truly amazing – the development of a human hybrid, a mind that thinks in artificial intelligence.

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, spoke openly about this idea at the Exponential Finance Conference in New York. He predicts that humans will have hybrid brains able to connect to the cloud, just as with computers.

In this cloud, there will be thousands of computers which will update human intelligence. The larger the cloud, the more complicated the thinking. This will all be connected using DNA strands called Nanobots. Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, doesn’t it?

Kurzweil says:

“Our hybrid thinking will be a combination of biological and non-biological thought processes.”

By the end of 2030, our thinking should be almost entirely non-biological and able to function much like an external hard drive – having the ability to backup information as with technology. It seems we keep pushing further the ability of the human mind.

Kurzweil believes one of the true characteristics of the being human is the ability to continually surpass knowledge.

“We will always transcend our limitations-it’s human nature.” says Kurzweil.

Kurzweil wasn’t 100% accurate in his future predictions, but he was close enough. In 1990, he predicted several things for the year 2009, including portable computers and eyeglasses with the built-in computer screen. He didn’t, however, hit the nail on the head with self-driven cars.

It was much later, this year, to be exact, that the idea touched the edge of mainstream technology. He was 86% accurate in his predictions, which is astonishing in itself.

Technological Takeover

No worries, there will probably not be a massive takeover by artificial intelligence. We have accounted for this long ago in other theories. For instance, fire provides a way to cook, but we have managed somehow to keep from burning everything down.

The same rules apply here. We have taken the necessary precautions to safeguard ourselves from these horrors.

However, we must still play it safe. Kurzweil reminds us:

“Technology is a double-edged sword. It has its promise and its peril.”

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  1. Neil Kent

    The human race has been cloud connected since we came into existence, without the need of clumsy electronics or nanobots. Our electronic toys are just natures way of trying to show us that we already have these capabilities built in. The fall from Grace was simply the process which disconnected us from these abilities. To get them back requires a simple change of mind. What a sad, pathetic world Mr Kurzweil dreams of.

    1. Iwakura Lain

      You are so ignorant and clueless.

      Enjoy living in your sad and pathetic fantasy land, while people such as Ray Kurzweil are actually out there making the future happen.

      1. Psychedelicpiper

        Actually, he has a point. We’d do better to be studying our DNA more than working to augment our biological bodies. The human mind and body have many suppressed abilities that civilization has forgotten about, unfortunately. Technology augmentation only allows for more control, when our brains could be linking up naturally.

  2. Kael

    Really do not like the sound of this. Why do we need this? This will be one more way the government can control the people. I will choose not to plug into the cloud as long as I have a choice; when it comes to not having a choice I will fight. Technology us getting out of control.

    1. Ratz

      Look on the positive side Kael, we should be able to better get in the heads of our politicians, enemies Texans make it a better world for all

    2. John Doe

      Everything is a double edged sword.

  3. TBM

    Welcome to the New World Order “You ‘r lovin’ it”…

    Read the piece of Time Magazine(owned by a Jesuit-controlled Knight of Malta, Henry Robinson Luce) called- 2045 The Year Man Becomes Immortal (Its not you, its them who are going to be immortal you are just a slave for them you are not going to be a machine 😉 )

    William Cooper- Mystery Babylon Series –

    Wake up people.


    in the past we have ben controled by lions and tiger. now most of the time we control them.
    we are all being controled at times or control others others at times one way or an other.

  5. Alfred Kihoro

    This sounds like brain internet interface.It’s the gateway to telepathy and super genius traits.

  6. Stanislav

    I can accept this only if all these stuff will mostly based on a kind of Secure Hardware Environment including quantum cryptography or some keys uncrackable by quantum computers and of course the exchange protocol per se will be mathematically verified.

  7. Brad Arnold

    “I have 300 million modules, but if I need a billion for a few seconds, I can access more neocortex in the cloud and think deeper thoughts,” Kurzweil said in the keynote. “We’re going to merge with this artificial intelligence we’re creating and make ourselves smarter.”

    The neocortex, the thin layer of brain around the outside is highly recursive, built of a hierarchy of increasingly abstract pattern recognizers. What Kurzweil is talking about is extending this into the cloud (i.e. virtually), with a neural connector (i.e. nanobots with wifi connectivity to the cloud and an artificial neocortex).

    Understand now? 🙂

  8. Jack Cooper

    I think Mr. Ray Kurzweil should probably speak to science fiction author, Stephen Sadler. Mr. Sadler already predicted cloud connected brains in his novel Mindset.

  9. Josep Mª Esteve

    And, of course, your ISP (Intelligence Service Provider) will feed you only their selected mainstream. What kind of future is that? In fact, is it future?

  10. Heinz

    Do the scientists also consider that braincells will die by too much radiation from WiFi or Bluetooth? Think about having a mobile phone directly in your head 24/7.

  11. Ian Wardell

    This guy is such a clown! Perhaps I too should make preposterous predictions and get the attention I crave.

  12. Kelly

    To the author, you are comparing apples to oranges when you say, that with regards to nano technology we have nothing to worry about because we created fire and have “managed not to burn everything down”. Are you aware that fire cannot think on its own yet, it has been proven that artificial intelligence can adapt (think). According to Stephen Hawkings, “the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all.” – See more at:

  13. Hugo

    the hive, or planet earth giant usb.

  14. mohan b. singh

    Spirituality in the east speaks about individual consciousness, collective individual consciousness, universal consciousness, collective universal consciousness and lastly cosmic consciousness. Which means integration of Individual consciousness with the consciousness of all individuals.This to my mind will cover planet earth.Then integration of individuals collective consciousness with universal consciousness. Since there are innumerable universes, the next stage is integration of all universal or multiverse consciousnesses. And ultimately comes the cosmic consciousness.

    The Rishis could visualise or may be achieve the cosmic consciousness through meditation or spiritual practices by working within. What they achieved was shared by them with others for their progress. this has long been lost by us. now the external (AI) will take the first step—usher collective consciousness. CALL IT PROGRESS OR REGRESSION. We are reinventing it by putting things upside down.

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