What is an empath? This article will shed light on energy-sensitive empaths and will help you find out if you are one of them.

All of us, at some point in our lives, come to a stage where we finally grasp a full understanding of what kind of personality and special abilities we have. Some of us realise sooner, while others take a little more time.

Either way, learning about your emotional and psychological strengths is essential to not only enhance your own life experience, but also others’.

Many of us upon ‘waking up’ learn that we have an innate ability to understand and fully appreciate the mentality and emotions of other people. Of course, this specialty comes with the added perks of possessing high intelligence and naturally being a wonderful help for others.

This is what being an empath means – however, it’s not all rosy; empaths carry a very heavy emotional burden because of how many feelings they take on.

Most of us, if not all of us, always take full responsibility for our feelings and emotions; we understandably think that it comes directly from inside us.

So what does it mean to be sensitive to energy? Few know of this concept; that is, our thoughts and emotions can actually be born as a result of the people around us and closest to us.

Here are 8 characteristics that can help you identify an energy-sensitive empath.

1. You are ‘too’ sensitive

People always tell you that you are too sensitive. You tend to feel a lot more than those around you and those feelings can overwhelm you, leaving you feeling alone.

2. You can’t watch violent films or TV

Even though it’s fake, you still can’t bear to watch any violence. You start putting yourself in the character’s shoes and it can be too overwhelming to bear. You feel the exact emotions that would be felt in that situation and end up in an emotional mess.

3. You can’t handle crowds

Being around too many people results in too much transfer of energy. This can be dangerously overwhelming for an empath, as it completely wears them out and makes them feel exhausted. Because of this, empaths usually try to avoid large gatherings and prefer smaller groups.

4. You are hypersensitive to energy

So much so that you can even feel someone’s emotions when they are not physically present with you. You are able to pick up emotions easily and may need to ask yourself who they belong to – are they yours or someone else’s?

When these energy fields get mixed it can be difficult to distinguish at first, but getting into this habit can save you a lot of hurt and suffering.

5. You always spot a lie

Because energy fields are your forte, if there is even a small shift in energy, you immediately pick up on it. When someone lies, not only does their energy field change but so does their body language. You are a master at both, so lie detecting is almost like child’s play to you.

6. You are hypersensitive

Not to be confused with point number one – you are literally hypersensitive when it comes to your senses. Bright lights, smells, touches or sounds are overwhelming. It could be said that you are sensitive to all kinds of energy, not just emotional or psychological energy.

7. You have very strong intuition

You just know things. Without any evidence or proof, before any solid facts are given, you can just tell. A common example of your well-developed intuition is knowing someone is bad news just by looking at them. It’s all part of being sensitive to energy; you can read situations very well.

8. You instinctively avoid energy suckers

You are great at denying any relationships or people that could drain your energy. Your past experiences, plus your intuitive nature have taught you well enough how to detect any of these dangers from a fair distance.

You have enough on your plate with everyone’s emotions and energies that you are already carrying – the last thing you need is any more emotional burden.

Are there any you can relate to? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Kristen Pease

    All the above:)))

    1. Carolyn

      Also, sensitive to animals. I can’t watch a commercial for ASPCA. Also, went to see Tarzan recently. I kept my fingers in my ears and eyes closed mostly. Even though I kept telling myself it was only a movie, the cruelty, violence and harm done to animals was unbearable to me.

  2. Laura

    All of the above as well. Way too accurate.

  3. Jocelyn

    Finally something in print that validates me. Thank you!

  4. LINDA Chaparro

    This is my everyday life

  5. gary lopez-watts

    my understanding of reality began with my college disproof of matter. in the decade following, it came to be a disproof of space + time as well. physical sensation is the result of an energetic vibration wisely referred to as the ultimate + absolute, hence our sole existence. the illusion of matter + consequent separation is a result of this energy’s organization, which is (and yet becoming) optimal. it is the equivalent of numerous microcosms of matter struggling to organize themselves into one, hence our taste for organization + cleanliness, or the strong appeal of love. we are not fond of antagonistic forces or loneliness, and as the ultimate, are consequently subjected to an utter loneliness, which offers an explanation for our existence as the ultimate’s imaginations. in constant evolution we are, on our way to an eternal paradise of optimal organization. instantaneous, yet eternal, experiencing the hell we subject ourself to (carnivorism + factory farms are prime examples) as translated into the fear of a nightmare.

  6. Pam

    I have every single one of those issues. I am 62 now and have lived with this my entire life. I have endured a lot of pain and suffer untold quilt as a result. I suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks because I was so sensitive. I realize now that it was something that I couldn’t control.

  7. Nancy M

    All of them fit me. It can be overwhelming at times. I moved to the country to ease some of the assault on my senses. I shop early in the morning when stores are nearly empty, for me crowd is more than 3 people. Even then the energy in the room can be brutal. I don’t watch scary or violent shows – in fact I shut off my TV completely – most people do not understand that the brain will not separate fact and fantasy. With the current level of animation and CG it is real.
    However, for all the negative things I try to use this sensitivity in positive ways to uplift others and heal.

  8. Thea Dunlap

    Well I don’t consider myself an Empath after reading this post. Since I can tolerate violent films and sometimes horror. But I can be empathic too sometimes, experience a few in my day to day life.

  9. anbreen

    I can relate and it is seriously not at all good to be an empath 😓

  10. Heather

    I totally get it. Everything on the lists. II’m a mother and I will not take my son to crowded events but I can handle them fairly well as long as I’m alone and can movet o different areas freely.
    Shopping in crowded places I shut down and look at no one if I can help it. Occasionally, I feel that people are drawn into my space and unconsciously follow me around as well as try to interrupt any connection with another person that might come in to existence.
    My son and husband also do this on occasion but I point it out to them and it usually helps.
    There’s much more to describe. I never knew what being an empath meant but I’ve heard people describe themselves as being one. I just assumed it was similar to claiming to be psychic and I’ve met a lot of those who are not what they say.
    I’d like to know more about the title empath and what to do about the energy draining feeling. Especially since I participate in public speaking and have classes.

  11. Pulak Prakriti

    I think you forgot to mention one thing about energy, its maintenance. There is a need of constant meditation to maintain our energy balance and connection with energy of universe,the time and the absorption of some energy for emergency power up. And energy change of other people,or feeling presence of people irritates. Learning martial arts improves intuitive power,physical and psychic balance. But I didn’t get a chance to learn things other than meditation!

  12. Debbie Hampton

    All of the above

  13. s.stone

    I can totally relate to all of these 🙂

  14. Lucille

    Hi I am all of the above. This article was super helpful to me and why I am so sensitive to energy of all kinds!! Thank you!!🤗🤗

  15. Sam

    This sums up me as a person, I always thought that I was different from other people and felt that no one understands how much stress and pressure I feel from other people. I constantly feel that being around too many people can make me feel overwhelmed and I prefer being on my own as I feel so much more calm. And I notice I can always sense when someone is being fake and pretending to being something they are not.

  16. Ntombizodwa

    What a burden I thought I had. I must say i’ve received the greatest healing insight about me. Thank you so much.

  17. angel

    its weird at first,
    today I found out from a co-worker what an Empath was? I was like ok, yeah I’m an Empath and i have jedi tricks now lol.
    and as I started to into it because of a book I being reading by CJ Jung “the archetypes and the collective unconscious” I gave this a shot. Things started to make more sense why animals, baby’s liked me? I just knew they do but didn’t know as to why. The one point that stood out to me was that I cannot watch scary movies, ill have vivid nightmares. I don’t know what to make of all this.

  18. chet cunnington

    it is a curse and a gift… i resorted to drugs and alcohol to try and understand it… i can feel people wounded physically and mentally just by hearing an ambulances sirens… i can feel negative and postitive energy around me all the time insomuch i speak with it when it feels like its getting out of control… i know the precise time to send someone a hello, a card, a i love you idea when they are in dire straights… the hardest part is trying to get enough seclusion to sort out whats around me…. i am overwhelmed of even the thought of going in public… especially nowdays with all the friction due to covid, the election and the hate that is sooo prevalent today. i literally weep in bed at night as if i can feel mother earths birthing pains from people and what they are doing… Animals…. i can pick up an injured blue jay with a broke wing or missing feathers and make it go to sleep in my hand as if it feels the sanctuary i offer it…giving it ample opportunity to fly out of my hand in hast…or fear.. it doesnt so….i can feel the deers standoffishness with certain people and sounds…their sadnees when in pain is the worse ive ever experienced.. ill never ever forget it… they do cry and they do ask for help and its fucking heart wrenching to no end… as if a perfect loving wife suddenly died in a husbands arms unexpectedly or an infant thats perfectly healthy in a crip that is checked on only to find death due to sids… its that intense….as time goes by and i age … the feelings and emotions i feel for others grow.. i have but of one question… how much more will they grow? that part scares me to no end….i can feel jesus, the holy spirit and angles around me and others when they have them around… and the opposite for the opposite.. that part of it i do cherish every single day… because i can have a mental conversation to whats around me and know im being heard… sometimes when i pray for another i catch myself demanding an answer from god jesus… will this stop or will it grow beyond what i can handle… ? isolation…? its pathetic how bad i do not want to be around others..

  19. Debi

    Yes All of the above I never understood it..I thought it was depression and bad Karma .. Finally I am starting to accept that this is what I am. But I also have a flip side if you hurt betray lie to me. My problem is I’ll take this type of behavior for a while keep trying to help or change someone..when I can’t. I am 63 year old female who is at a crossroads in my life. I am trying make sense out of my journey here. And live my best life. I love helping others..

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