In Part 1 of this series, I explained some of my beliefs pertaining to the way that our world works and what I understand to be our physical perception of reality, as well as the association of this perception with our conscious minds and the convergence of this theory on how people may vary in extrasensory perception based on chakra strength.

In this article, I’d like to expand on the ability to perceive energy in a little more of a practical application of this theory in trying to build strength in perceiving our world as it truly is, built of energy, and being able to develop a sixth sense through this understanding.

How I developed my ability to perceive energy

Like any muscle, skill, or strength, a person must practice it rigorously and regularly. When I first found out that my natural ability to perceive energy wasn’t something that all people could do, it took an effort to see the light around objects and people, and significantly more effort and years of practice before I could start to assign “colors” to what I was seeing.

Prior to the exorbitant amount of practice I put into this ability upon discovering its uniqueness, my perception of “energy” was limited to a hazy “light” around objects, and only after trying to focus on it. The means which were most effective for practicing was boredom, specifically during high school where I had 8 hours a day, every day, in which all I had to do was listen.

So, during school, I would watch teachers or look at other students’ “energy” and try to focus on it. Over the course of the first month, it became very easy to see energy when I tried, and over the following couple months I no longer even needed to try in order to see this reverse-shadow emanating from people and objects.

How to start practicing energy perception

So, that’s how I practiced, but, how do you begin to start seeing it so that you have a basis to practice? Well, unfortunately, I can only speculate and say what the easiest things to see energy around are, as for me, it has been a natural ability which I further developed before mundane reality began to interfere with it too much.

I believe that the older a person is, and the more physical sense has become comfortable for them through stimulation in life, the less ease they will have in seeing or feeling energy.

However, a good starting point is to find something with a very uniform background – a purely white wall with someone standing still in front of it, or a perfectly clear blue sky with a lot of trees lining the horizon. Much like looking at a “magic eye” book, don’t look at the page (or object/person), look through it.

Don’t look at the background, either, try to look at the empty space between branches or between a persons’ head and shoulder. If you un-focus your physical eyes just right, your “third eye” will begin to focus, and you’ll notice a haze around where you’re not focusing on. Once you’ve seen it once and figured out how it feels, start watching moving objects and you’ll undoubtedly notice the “trailing energy” following behind a person as they walk against a backdrop.

With significant practice, you will be amazed to see that not only does energy trail, but, sometimes, energy will actually move in front of the object or person, seeming to “pull” the physical body along with it.

One more way to practice

Now, in part 1 to this explanation, I had mentioned that I’m not entirely sure that every person will be able to learn to see energy, but, as it is the reality in which we persist to exist and through energy, all things happen, I do believe we can all perceive it in some way or another.

So, another example I’d like to offer was recently explained to me by a very interesting person who has always been able to perceive energy. I definitely can’t go as much in detail about what this is like, but, the example she gave me is that of feeling the warmth of your own energy reacting against itself by facing your palms near one another.

At first, I was skeptical and considered the possibility that I was merely feeling heat transfer from my own body as my hands got near one another, but, between me being able to see the energy color and reactive state and her being able to feel it, we were able to prove to one another that we aren’t crazy.

In experimenting for a while, she was able to say where the reaction was strongest between ourselves as well as from one of us to the other and even how other people’s energy reacted at varying distances, and her statements corresponded with what I was seeing perfectly.

She then went on to explain how different people’s energy reacts at different distances depending on their personal energy levels and how, over time and with practice, she could actually feel people’s energy in the sense of emotion, using her ability to be empathic.

What will happen when you learn to perceive energy

So, through diligent practice and knowing where to start to develop extrasensory perception, it seems to me that the real world, or astral realm, in which causality exists in far more relevant ways than we’re used to perceiving, will become easier to interpret.

These capabilities, which I believe to be attainable from practice and hard work, allow for a different understanding of reality and our existence on this earth, as well as for further in-depth communication with people we associate with.

After years of developing and working on my ability to perceive energy, I’ve learned to know when a person is mad or exhausted based on how their energy flows.

In this world, where so much exists that we don’t know, it’s hard to say for sure that I’m right about this analysis, but, evidence suggests that the patterns of motion I’ve noticed in obviously angry or happy people are accurate perceptions.

Maybe, in time and with work, you can use this basic understanding to expand on your own abilities, and find a way to perceive energy and reality in your own fashion.

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