1. The teacups

cup illusion

This optical illusion was created by Chris Westall. There is a teacup on the table, next to which there is a cube with a small cup. However, on closer inspection, we can see that in fact the cube is drawn, and the cups are of the same size.

2. The Leaning Tower

leaning towe illusion

Here are two images of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At first glance, it appears that the tower on the right leans more than the one on the left, but in reality, these two pictures are the same. The reason lies in the fact that the information from the left and the right sides of the image is processed by different hemispheres of the brain, which “does not like” symmetry.

3. Angry or kind?

kind angry face illusion

Does the face on the left show angrier than the one on the right? Well, step 5-6 meters away and you will see the angry face turn into the kind one and vice versa.

4. Male or female?

male or female illusion

When you are looking at these two people you think the one on the left is female and the one on the right is male, right? In fact, it is exactly the same person. This is the famous illusion by Richard Russell from Harvard called “The illusion of sex”.

The created illusion is very simple: the contrast in the image with the seemingly male face was reduced. More contrast face looks feminine, less contrast – masculine. That is why women use cosmetics: to increase the contrast of their faces. 🙂

5. Blue and yellow

blue yellow optical illusion

There is no animation in this picture. It is nothing but an optical illusion.

6. The wheel

wheel illusion

Which way do you see the wheel turning? It is a brain-teasing illusion similar to the famous “spinning girl”. If the wheel is turning clockwise, your left hemisphere is more active at the moment and vice versa. See more about the brain hemispheres here.

7. Distorted reality

distorted reality illusion

Stare at the picture for about 10-20 seconds (not more, otherwise you will have a headache) and then look at someone’s face or simply around you.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    Margot Kruse

    On the last one with the spinning nothing happened at all. I never saw any moving with the red and blue. I saw no differences in the faces. The other faces did not change when I backed up, they stayed the same. The ferris wheel was cool it looked as though it was movng in both directions at the same time. I did not see any left or right movement.

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      you need to have your sight checked I think :mrgreen:

      1. Avatar

        I agree!

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    I am with Margot, did a test with flatmate and we didn’t see any illusion / change in the faces.

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    I initially saved this article through Pocket app, and despite being able to notice the smile/angry face swapped, the ferris wheel was not spinning as well as the last image (staring at it did give me a mild sense of distorted environment when looked around though).

    However, as soon as I tried the page on safari, the ferris wheel began spinning in an obvious direction, the last image shows two circular movement too, one spinning outward, the other inward. The effect it has after looking elsewhere appears much stronger.

    So try switching browser if one of the images doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. This is an awesome post. I hope this helps.

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    Bernard R. Lamarr

    Here’s a real mind-blower. While the ferris wheel would vigorously move in alternating directions when I viewed it from this webpage, when I copied and pasted it into a Word doc, it stopped moving completely.

    Yet, the image looks exactly the same. I’ve even tried changing its size. Frozen in time and space, yet, when I return to view the ferris wheel again from the webpage, there it is, moving again!

  6. Avatar

    I saw the wheel spinning both way, alternatively. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! It won’t just spin one way…

  7. Avatar

    I found that after viewing the ferris wheel, each time I blinked it changed directions! Did that happen to anyone else?

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