It is a well-known fact that if you fall into a black hole, there is no possibility of escaping from it.

Such a fall will immediately lead to the disintegration of your body due to strong tension forces. But there are now some ideas about the possibility of living in a black hole provided you find a 5D black hole.

In a 5D black hole, these forces can be neglected at small distances, allowing you to continue your movement and research inside the black hole. But even more surprising is that some mathematical theories indicate that our whole universe may indeed be a 5D black hole.

This may seem strange, but there is a great possibility that it may turn out to be true. About 110 years ago, in his famous Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein suggested a new concept for the time as the 4th dimension of the universe.

This idea that was once regarded a revolutionary innovation is now taught in school physics books and is widely used by physicists in major physics theories.

Now, some researchers suggest that the possibility of living in a 5D black hole is by far more than a standard 4D one. The existence of a 5th dimension is not just a mere imagination, nor is it a new idea.

Indeed, it has been known since 1920, when a famous mathematician named Oscar Klein, who was working on a theory for the unification of gravitational and electromagnetic fields, suggested a 5th dimension for the structure of space-time.

Now, physicists believe that there are strong indications about the reality of this theoretical idea. The 5D version of Einstein’s theory of relativity has been successful in explaining all predictions made by the 4D model.

Some believe that a 5D model is a more realistic theory that can better explain the structure of the universe. One important issue is about the creation of our universe. The standard Big Bang theory cannot completely explain the process that led to the creation of the universe at time zero because all physical laws break apart at Planck time, i.e., 10 -43s.

4D models can not completely explain how and when the universe was filled with matter. But in the 5D model, this has a clear explanation, and the creation of elementary particles in the universe can be described by the spontaneous transition of the universe from the state of contraction to expansion.

According to the 5D model, a sudden change or mutation of the universe at its starting stage is regarded as a phase transition in which elementary particles are created as a result of the released energy during the process.

Two physics researchers named Paul Wesson and Sanjio Sierra, who were working on the geometrical structure of black holes, found an amazing result. According to them, from the mathematical point of view, our universe could be best described and modeled as a 5D black hole!

In 1972, some discoveries suggested similarities between our world and a 4D black hole. With the introduction of the 5th dimension, this similarity became more consistent and realistic.

This new idea is very startling because it suggests that there might be many other universes with our universe being engulfed in a higher dimensional universe.

It is not clear where all of these investigations will end up, but the new model has opened a whole new area for understanding the universe. When at nights you take a look at stars, think that we may indeed live in a 5D black hole.

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