telepathy petsFor many years, animal trainers, pet owners and naturalists have been speaking of various cases of insight in animals, indicating that they have telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, this topic has not been studied enough, since scientists have a taboo on all kinds of the “paranormal”, while researchers and parapsychologists are focused on humans.

According to sample research in Englandand the United States, many pet owners believe that their animals sometimes communicate with them telepathically. On average, 48% of dog owners and a third of cat owners claim that their pets respond to their thoughts and silent commands.Many horse trainers and riders believe that horses are able to understand their intentions telepathically.

Some pets seem to know who is calling before the telephone rings. For example, when the phone rang in the house of a famous professor of the University of California at Berkeley, his wife knew that

 it was her husband at the other end of the line because their cat rushed to the phone.

When I pick up the phone, the cat meows. If someone else calls, the cat does not react. It meowed even when my husband called home from Africa or South America“, she said.

Experiments reveal the unexplained abilities of animals

Alex Tsakiris, owner of the, has conducted a series of experiments with hundreds of animal trainers, blind people with guide dogs, veterinarians and pet owners since 1994. He explored some of unexplained abilities of animals and divided them into three main categories: telepathy, sense of direction and foreboding.

Often pets know when their owner is coming home; cats “disappear” when he is going to take them to the vet; dogs know when he is planning to take them for a walk. Of course, some of these phenomena can be explained by conventional expectations, subtle sensory signals, random coincidences and selective memory or imagination of caring pet owners. This is a reasonable hypothesis, but requires to be confirmed experimentally.

Alex and his colleagues focused on the study of the ability of dogs to know when their owners are coming home. Many pet owners say their animals are anticipating the arrival of a family member 10 or more minutes before he/she comes.

Animals are usually waiting at the door or window. A sample study of households in England and America showed that on average 51% of dog owners and 30% of cat owners said they noticed this behaviour in their pets.

In a series of experiments with a terrier named Jaytee, owned by Pam Smart from Ramsbottom (near Manchester, England), the pet was responding to the intention of his owner to come home even when she was miles away or was returning unexpectedly.

Jaytee was waiting not only when Pam was coming in her car, but also when she was coming in other vehicles: bicycle, train, taxi.

Alex also conducted experiments in which Pam was returning unexpectedly, just after leaving home. In these experiments Jaytee was still waiting at the window, though no one knew she was coming back.

The data show that Jaytee reacted to Pam’s intention to return home even when she was many miles away. Telepathy seems the only hypothesis that can explain these facts.

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