friendship man womanThe famous saying that “there can be no friendship between a man and a woman” seems to be confirmed scientifically, at least concerning men. New research indicates that developing friendly relations with women, men are driven by sexual attraction they feel for them. According to the researchers, this statement is not true for women who enter into friendly relations with men.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin came in contact with 88 couples of friends. Both man and woman of each couple were asked to respond individually to various questions, including the degree of sexual attraction they felt for his/her friend.

It was found that men were more likely to feel sexual attraction to their friend compared with women who most often said they did not have any erotic feelings for their friend.

Interesting point is that men do not hesitate to develop friendly relations with women sexually attractive to them, even if at that time they have a stable relationship.

In contrast, women, in a much larger degree than men, accept the platonic nature of a friendship between the two sexes.

The research also debunks another “myth” which states that women get attracted to non-single men. According to the results published in the journal «Social and Personal Relationships», men in relationship are not an object of interest for women.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    So, “men were more likely to feel sexual attraction to their friend” – why should you come to a conclusion that they can’t be friends at all OR that the friendship between a man and a woman is only driven by the primitive sexual instinct? It might play a part at the early stages of friendship when said “friend couple” still doesn’t know each other very well and are just getting to know and learning to understand one another.

    But it’s still just one factor, the whole picture isn’t that simple. Deep friendship between people has it’s roots built in understanding and thus feeling real empathy towards the other person. You can’t come to a conclusion like that, unless your brain activity is on par with a turqey.

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