It often only takes a simple change to the way you think to change your outlook on life and the energy you’re putting out into the universe.

Having destructive thoughts can lead to destructive, angry behaviour and it may feel as though you have no control over it, but you do. Similarly, thinking only positive thoughts and focusing on pushing out the negative thoughts can affect your behaviour. Your mind can be trained to focus on certain thought patterns and eventually, it will come naturally.

Always thinking “life is shit”, “I’ll never be good enough” and similar thoughts will only mean your actions will re-enforce these thoughts. The cliché’s “you get back what you put out into the universe” and “you are the way you think” may be overused and underrated but they are true.

Recognising these negative thought patterns is the first step to changing the way you think.

If you’re not willing to change and don’t believe there is a problem with thinking this way, then you won’t improve your thought patterns and ergo, won’t change your everyday life.

Secondly, once you’re recognising negative thoughts as soon as you think them, replace them with positive ones.

This may seem hard at first but the brain is like a muscle and the more you do something with your brain and the more you use it, the easier it becomes and the more naturally it will come in the future.

Practising this process repeatedly will eventually come naturally and you won’t need to consciously notice the negative thought patterns anymore as they will be non-existent.

A scientifically proven method of recognising and altering your thoughts is cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).

Cognitive behavioural therapy targets what you think (cognitive) and the way you act (behavioural) and comes in many forms. CBT can help many different kinds of disorders such as anxiety and PTSD, but it can also help you mould the way you think to transform your life into a much more positive one.

CBT breaks down situations so you can see how the events, emotions and reactions are connected and how they affect you. If you’re having problems modifying your own thought patterns, it may be worth researching CBT and the different ways you can try it for yourself. You still need to be committed to changing the way you think, but the structured help may be useful in helping you shape your thought processes.

Thinking positive thoughts and recognising and removing the negative ones can have a significant impact on your motivation, happiness and improved life conditions. Remember, the more you do it – the more natural it will become.

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  1. Nick Harding

    Great article, well worth the read, and well written, Christina. Thanks. Sort of reminiscent of my studies into Dialectical Behavior Therapy, too..

    – From a fellow Learning Mind author

    1. Christina

      Thanks so much Nick!

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