I love reading books of different genres, from fantasy to science fiction and from psychology to computer books. So I wonder how to read faster and have time to read all the books of interest in a relatively short time?

Here is a summary of some speed reading techniques. If you follow the recommendations listed below, you can increase the reading speed at least twice. For example, you will be able to read the book “The Da Vinci Code” in 8 hours!

How to Read Faster

Spend a few minutes reviewing the book. You need to know what this book is about and what genre it is. Look through the contents, the summary, and glance through the book to find pictures.

Decide on what part of the book you will read. It is especially important for non-fiction books. Very few books contain information you need from the first to the last page. Find out, for example, which chapters will give you 80% of the required information. Feel free to skip the introduction, the subject index, and other parts of minor importance.

Sit up straight in a relaxing atmosphere. It’s easier to digest information in a quiet, well-lighted place. Avoid TV, radio, and any noise. You shouldn’t distract yourself from reading in order to be able to turn pages fast.

Speed Reading Tips

There are various methods of speed reading. Some recommend “jumping” through the text, others – to read from the top of the page to the bottom, etc.

One of the most promising methods is an eye movement from left to right along a straight line at a speed of one line per second. Even if you don’t manage to make sense of some words, your brain will restore the sense of the whole phrase/sentence. The point is to practice and to persevere.

The most common problem of all the readers is the habit of pronouncing words while reading. It greatly reduces the reading speed. To avoid this, imagine that you are holding your breath and can’t speak.

Focus on what you are reading. How many times does your mind wander in the process of reading? I think a few times for sure. Try to focus on what you are reading, otherwise, after a while, you won’t be able to remember what the book was about. And it is a waste of time.

You can use these tips on how to read faster for all types of printed word – websites, articles, books, magazines, reports, etc. There is only one exception. If you want to read a great work of art, there is no need to rush. Read it slowly, thoughtfully. Knowing that you can read it 2-3 times faster will make you more confident and optimistic.

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    Thank you for the tips on reading. I used to use some of these and they were effective — good reminder

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