Easy tips for speed reading

///Easy tips for speed reading

translation dictionary1. Read with a pencil

Keep a pencil along the lines you are reading. Your eyes will get used to following the pencil. Then gradually move the pencil faster.

2. Read the whole phrase

Reading every word, perceiving it separately, is like reading by syllables instead of reading entire words. Reading speed depends on whether you can cover the whole sentence and understand it. So don’t focus on separate words.

3. Capture as much as possible

After you’ve managed to read entire sentences, try to expand your viewing angle. Are you afraid of missing something important? Practice and soon you get used to reading that way. Just remember one thing: don’t stop, don’t concentrate your attention. It takes a lot of time, and it’s difficult to unlearn.

At the beginning you won’t be able to capture all the ideas, and you will lose some information. However, over time you will get used to perceiving the whole sense, without losing anything. And of course don’t practice speed reading on important documents!

The reason of slow reading is a constant fear to miss some important information. So you are going back, re-reading the same paragraph again and again … Try to get rid of this fear. Move forward, learn not to go back and not to stop.


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