Telekinesis, or moving objects with the mind, is this possible? Some people truly believe that any object can be controlled with thought alone.

If you are convinced that only heroes of science fiction movies are able to move objects by the power of thought, it is time to get rid of this illusion. The power of telekinesis is real. A few years ago, scientists of the ATR company in the Japanese city of Kyoto invented a sophisticated device that allows people to influence immovable things with only thought, and at a distance. It seems they are moving objects with the mind with ease.

According to the ATR, the production of this device. called the Network Brain-Machine Interface, is expected to start by 2020. This is a kind of headcover that is equipped with sensitive cables that can record the smallest variations in the circulatory system and react to stimuli in the brain.

Moving objects with the mind is not just something used for entertainment or other spectacular deeds. This ability, made possible with the use of the Network Brain-Machine Interface, can also be put to practical use.

Yukiyasou Kamitani of ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories is convinced that the invention will help make life easier for many elderly people living alone and people with limited motor capabilities:

“As demonstrated by the experiments, it is enough that a person simply replicates in their mind the movements they do with their right or left hand in order to turn the thought into real actions. In this way, participants of the experiment managed to turn on and off the tv and the light in the room with the help of their imagination, but also made a wheelchair move in the desired direction.”

One of the first tests conducted almost a decade ago included participants such as a monkey and a paraplegic. The monkey was able to move portions of a robot that was located in Japan. The monkey was tested in the U.S.

The animal was able to influence an object all the way across the world and with its mind alone. The paraplegic used his mind to navigate a computer screen with the cursor. These tests were conducted at Duke University in Durham N.C.

Aside from causing temporary mental fatigue, this could prove extremely beneficial for those who cannot physically move objects with their hands or feet. One Mexican researcher discovered that the more intelligent the interface, the more capable of learning commands from the user, thus reducing fatigue.

How does it work?

The Network Brain-Machine Interface is a mechanism that is simple and complicated simultaneously. Information on the brain impulses is recorded by the device and then mounted in the headlining. Then it is directed to a database, and there becomes a command to move certain objects in space. The mechanism is also equipped with a recording device.

The problem is that the system has to adapt to the needs of each individual patient so as to minimize the percentage of commands that could be misunderstood during the process.

For the conversion of thought into action, it takes 6 to 12 seconds on average. However, the device designers predict that they will be able to reduce this speed by one second within the next three years.

Where are we now?

It has been many years since the initial tests, but it’s only a matter of time before we will see even more innovative and amazing technological advances in science. Not only will the ability to move objects with the mind be commonplace, but it will hopefully be like a miracle for some.



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  1. Jessica

    I have recently discovered that I can move small objects…..starting out with a marble. ….using my mind. I can choose to make it roll forward or backwards. While the inside of the marble appeArs to “glow”. Once I get it to really start liberating, little sparks can be seen on the surface……photons ?

  2. Jessica

    ‘Vibrating’ not liberating. I can only influence small objects thus far. Any information would be awesome on this newly discovered ability.

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