Superheroes and Villains aren’t just for comics and movies anymore! Telekinesis is real and so are superhumans who use this power!

I have already posted an article about the evidence on the reality of telekinesis in which I shared general information about this phenomenon. I also shared about several scientific experiments on this spectacle as well. Now, I’m going to relay cases of real people,  known for telekinetic powers.

One young girl held unbelievable power, able to move multiple objects at one time.

One case of spontaneous telekinesis happened to a French girl named, Angelica Cottin, when she was 14 years old. On the evening of January 15, 1846, she and three village girls were embroidering. Suddenly embroidery fell out of their hands and a lamp was thrown in the corner. The girls accused Angelica because, in her presence, strange things always happened: furniture moved on its own, and chairs were flung around the room.

 Angelica’s parents organized a show in Mortane in order to earn a little money. The girl caught the attention of a Parisian scientist, François Arago. When the girl was in her “electrified” condition, almost everything, that was in contact with her clothes, bounced off. When Argo tried to touch the girl, he experienced a shock, much like touching a source of electric current. If Angelica was anywhere near a magnet, without her knowledge, she would shake. A compass, however, didn’t react to her presence. This is because most items, which moved around the room, were made of wood.

Palladino materialized immaterial hands to do her bidding.

Angelica was not the only one who had this ability. In 1888 Dr. Ercole Ciaia from Naples described a wonderful medium, Eusapia Palladino, who could create faux hands to move objects: “This woman attracts the surrounding items and lifts them into the air. She plays musical instruments without touching them.”

A well-known psychiatrist, Professor Cesare Lombroso was shocked by what she did. She was moving furniture in the direction of the audience and materializing immaterial hands in the air, which looked real.

Kulagina moved objects with thought alone and changed the trajectory mid-flight.

One of the most mysterious and famous people known for telekinetic abilities is a Soviet housewife Nina Kulagina. She had a number of very unusual abilities, studied by more than 40 scientists for nearly twenty years. But no one managed to find a scientific explanation of the phenomenal abilities of this woman. There is still evidence of these experiments, in form of videos and documentary films, however.

So what was Nina Kulagina capable of? She could move small objects with the power of thought alone or change the trajectory of their movement without touching them. She had an ability to emit ultrasonic waves, which is documented and proven. Till now, the nature of these powers and how they developed, remains a mystery.

Uri Geller was a mind-bending phenomenon

Ninel Kulagina was not the only documented example of the manifestations of telekinesis. A mysterious person, Uri Geller, born inTel Aviv in 1946, has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to deform metal objects. From the age of four, he revealed an ability to bend metal spoons by the power of thought. The so-called “Geller effect” became well-known as scientists observed him.  It was said that he could read minds, bend keys and other metal items, simply by touching them or even looking at them.

In 1966 a British psychologist, Kenneth J. Batcheldor, after 20 years of studying the phenomena of telekinesis, published several reports that concluded that psychokinesis is possible. However, a question of how the mind produces psychokinetic effects is still awaiting its decision.

What kind of power is it? Where does it come from? There is an incredible number of hypotheses and assumptions. Most believe that these abilities are hidden in non-performing segments of the human brain, which is able to generate powerful force fields and waves that affect the physical world. Others take the view that such powers are hidden in the energetic structure of the human body. This way, everyone can continue to discover and manage these supernatural powers. No one really knows who is right. But I want to believe that any of us has hidden unrealized potential and capabilities…

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