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Telekinesis is an ability to move inanimate objects at will: to turn a compass needle, to move objects in the air, to bent metal items, to extinguish the flame of a candle at a distance. Among the psycho-physical phenomena: clairvoyance, telepathy, and others, the phenomenon of telekinesis is one of the most intriguing.

These paranormal abilities have long interested the human mind. They have been known to yogis, mystics of antiquity, who were believed to be able to materialize objects, to move them or to lift them into the air.

In the XX century such abilities were observed in representatives of younger civilizations, who have never heard about yoga or any psycho-spiritual practices. What are these hidden psychic powers that enable people to affect material objects without direct physical impact?

Some researchers claim that the effect of telekinesis has to do with formation of powerful physical fields (telekinesis generates a strong electromagnetic field and acoustic signals with a duration of 0.1-0.01 seconds). Other researchers think that it may occur due to a mental effort (psychokinesis).

The difficulty of studying the phenomenon of telekinesis is attributable primarily to the fact that it is extremely rare. The results of experiments on telekinesis are hardly reproducible. It makes it difficult to study by conventional methods of modern science. Often the subjects themselves can’t explain how they do it and find it difficult to manage this condition and to reproduce it in subsequent experiments.

Another problem is that manifestation of telekinesis is associated with extreme physical and mental stress that could significantly damage the health. During its demonstration subjects experience a sharp activation of the mental processes, increased blood pressure and heart rate. Even after the end of the experiment a subject needs much time to return to a normal state.

It is noticed that telekinesis, as well as other psychic abilities often appears as a result of injury, illness, stress, electric shock… It confirms an idea of hidden reserves of the human brain.

In recent years after a number of experiments on telekinesis, Dr. Robert G. Jahn (the head of the Laboratory of abnormal studies at Princeton University) managed to prove that the human by his psyche can affect material objects. It was verified after thousands of experiments, which involved hundreds of men and women of all ages and professions. Subjects had to move a pendulum, placed under a transparent plastic cap. Five subjects were able to do it at any time and distance, the others – only in a few cases.

Scientists have found out that the power of mind can affect a variety of devices and liquid media such as highly precise chronometers, lasers, electrical generators of electromagnetic radiation, emulsions, colloids, water…

Some researchers claim that each of us is endowed with these “paranormal” abilities that once were completely natural and were widely used by people, but now they are in a latent state. Future experiments may help to reveal the nature of telekinesis. Till now we can only ascertain the existence of a special psycho-energy that provokes telekinesis.

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