Near-death Experiences May Be Caused by Postmortem Brain Activity

///Near-death Experiences May Be Caused by Postmortem Brain Activity

near death experience brain activityA new scientific explanation for the phenomenon of near-death experiences, reported by many patients who “returned” from life from almost death, was given by a new U.S. scientific research which was first to systematically examine the neurophysiological state of the brain straight away after cardiac arrest. During the study, based on laboratory animals, a sharp upsurge of electrical activity in the brain after stopping the heart was found.

This intense electrical activity is estimated to “create” the perception of the near-death experience, something that other scientists are reluctant to accept.

The research team, led by professor of physiology and neurology Jimo Borjigin of the School of Medicine, University of Michigan, who published their study in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), studied rats that died after artificial heart attack.

The scientists found that the dying brain experiences a sharp activation of electrical brain waves, which, in the case of humans, could explain the emergence of visions like a tunnel with light at the end, feeling of great peace, meeting dead relatives and friends, sense of flying over one’s own body, etc.

As said Jimo Borjigin, it is wrong to believe that the brain is idle or underutilized after clinical death. In fact, he said, “in the stage of death, it is more active than when one is alive.”

During 30 seconds after the hearts of laboratory animals stopped and their brains were not being provided with blood anymore, a sudden spurt of highly synchronized high-frequency gamma waves in the brain, which are directly connected with the consciousness, was recorded with the help of electroencephalogram.

Researchers believe that at death’s door, this is what exactly happens to people, causing, as if in a dream, near-death experiences that feel “more real than reality.” But in order to confirm this hypothesis, a similar study should be done on people who experienced clinical death and ultimately survived, something that certainly is not easy to achieve.

It is estimated that 10% to 20% of people who survived clinical death due to cardiac arrest (for example, during a surgery), claim to have lived a series of near-death experiences. Of course, the new experiment cannot tell us for sure if the rats also have near-death experiences and of what kind.


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  1. Kawa August 27, 2013 at 4:55 am - Reply

    The only way to “prove” a near-death experience is to experience it for oneself—hence the name. There’s too many intricate details experiencers are coming back with and telling us to simply pass it off as mere “electrical activity in the brain,” though not to say that that isn’t a part of the experience. One day science will begin to understand phenomena beyond natural observation, but until then an open mind is critical.

  2. julie August 28, 2013 at 6:39 am - Reply

    suggest they read Proof of Life written by a nurologist who got bacterial menigitis. Bacterial menigits is a death warrant, you don’t survive a spine and brain filled with green pus. And yet he went to heaven talked to God and came back 100percent healed, not even any brain damage. He relates his experience, as a scientist and puts the kabash one anyone who says it’s just brain wave activity. He came back a changed man psychic and spends hours in meditation to get back the peace bliss and joy he experienced in heaven. Scientists forget one thing, God is the first scientist and the most knowledgable.

  3. casey sharp September 6, 2013 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Hey has anyone got the thought about life flashing before their eyes before death and that’s why so much activity. Just a thought. It popped up in my head when reading.

  4. Jennifer T Webb January 26, 2015 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    The near-death experience I had happened BEFORE I died. I wrote an eBook that will be published soon about the miracle I survived. First of all, during a near-drowning, after fighting for about thirty minutes in post-hurricane waves, in Rincon, Puerto Rico, the surfing spot, I knew which wave was going to send me to my drowning death. Second, during that last wave, it suspended over me as I had the NDE.
    Thirdly, a couple of seconds after being rudely blasted back into my body after visiting a house of God, I was pulled out of that wave. I felt the elastic my hand was placed on then I died.
    After CPR, I was resuscitated and upset I had to live. It took five years to return mostly into my body and be happy to be alive. It took even longer to find the peace that everyone says is automatic after an NDE. I had what is called ‘fatal longing’ for Heaven, which I wasn’t even allowed to get into, I floated in space and had my life flash before my eyes.
    So, yes Casey Sharp, I had that happen before I died. And there is life after death and it is beautiful and one can always decide to believe in a faith that is eternal! Here is my blog to show that I am a real person plus folks need to know about spiritual immortality:
    Thanks for writing this article. It is a trippy subject!

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