No one can deny that art is the ultimate form of expression. An artist’s creativity has no limits, no rules or boundaries.

Here is what San Francisco-based graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, did: he has been taking different psychedelics and other substances for twenty consecutive days.

Under the influence of these substances, he created twenty illustrations.

According to Pixel-Pusha, his inspiration came from people. As he has stated,

I acknowledge that there are millions of other artists and party people who relate to what I’m creating and this project is for them”.

What this talented, experimental artist did is something extremely bold. “20 Day Binge” is an annual project in which Pixel-Pusha created 20 pieces every day for 20 consecutive days.

Butylone (Day 1)

Pixel-Pusha butylone

G.H.B (Day 2)

Pixel-Pusha ghb

The artist calls its project “recreational drug use” and the reason for doing this is simple. For Pixel-Pusha, this project came from his inner need to educate.  As he explains, “I wanted to create opportunities to educate, whether related to psychedelics or art”.

Codeine (Day 3)

Pixel-Pusha codeine

THC (Day 4)

Pixel-Pusha thc

In the past, this amazing artist has used light as a means of creating art because the light comes through the darkness. For Pixel-Pusha, digital art is not only his greatest passion but the driving force of his entire existence.

Alcohol (Day 5)

Pixel-Pusha alcohol

Nitrous (Day 6)

Pixel-Pusha nitrous

As the artist has stated,

I define myself by my passions and amongst my many passions, I find visual digital art to be the most prominent and transformative passion in my life. I discovered that the digital art medium is a powerful tool to put forth the idea of spreading kindness through creativity”.

This creative process led to several artworks such as “Psychedelic Highways”, “Faux Fractals” and “Psyche-digital Still Lives”.

Cocaine (Day 7)

Pixel-Pusha cocaine

Psilocybin (Day 8)

Pixel-Pusha psilocybin

What is especially interesting about Pixel-Pusha is the way he deals with time.

“Imagine the past, future, and linear time are gone”, he explains. “You can just focus on your existence in the present. The idea of tomorrow is laughable. I can create art without concern of outsider judgment, without over-analyzing my process, and intuitively enjoy creating the most honest work”.

4-HO-MIPT (Day 9)

Pixel-Pusha 4 ho mipt

Poppers (Day 10)

Pixel-Pusha poppers

DMT (Day 11)

Pixel-Pusha dmt

Pixel-Pusha’s creativity is based on talent and experimenting. For him, digital art is a means to express his artistic nature and creativity. He managed to do this through his “20 Day Binge” project.

Ether (Day 12)

Pixel-Pusha ether

25I (Day 13)

Pixel-Pusha 25i

MXE (Day 14)

Pixel-Pusha mxe

Creating a series of twenty illustrations after taking psychedelics and other substances for twenty days shows how daring an artist can be. You must bear in mind that this article does not support drug use.

MDMA (Day 15)

Pixel-Pusha mdma

Amphetamine (Day 16)

Pixel-Pusha amphetamine

Mescaline (Day 17)

Pixel-Pusha mescaline

Ketamine (Day 18)

Pixel-Pusha ketamine

LSD (Day 19)

Pixel-Pusha lsd

Love (Day 20)

Pixel-Pusha love

Which illustration did you like most of all? We’d love to hear your thoughts on that!


  2. Image credit: Pixel-Pusha

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