• stoned ape theory

The Stoned Ape Theory Offers an Unconventional View of Human Evolution

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The Stoned Ape Theory was founded by none other than the American author, lecturer, ethnobotanist and psychonaut Terence Kemp McKenna. Who was Terence McKenna? Terence McKenna was born on November 16, 1946, and died on April 3, 2000. He had a hobby of fossil hunting in his youth, which helped him gain a scientific appreciation [...]

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How Magic Mushrooms Rewire the Brain, Making It ‘Hyperconnected’

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Have you ever wondered what exactly magic mushrooms do to the brain? I met a guy once who was happy, laid back and, to me, quite enlightened. I admired his ability to look beyond the obvious and into some place alien to the logical side of my personality. While in his company, he addressed the [...]

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New Study Reveals What a Brain on LSD Actually Looks Like and This Is Eye-Opening

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Have you ever wondered what a brain on LSD looks like? Last April, crowdfunding started on the science website Walacea. The fund was set up for research looking into the psychological effects of LSD on the brain through an MRI scanner. The research was conducted by Prof. David Nutt, Robin Carhart-Harris, and Amanda Feilding. Recently, [...]

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Can Psychedelics Expand Your Mind? This Is What Neuroscientist Sam Harris Has to Say

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Do psychedelics have the potential to expand your mind, or even your consciousness? When humans first encountered psychedelics just over a million years ago (or thereabouts), we were not fully conscious as beings, we were also not on the top of the food chain, which I guess is hard to believe. Over this million-year period, [...]

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Artist Pixel-Pusha Takes 20 Different Drugs to Create 20 Illustrations under Their Influence

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No one can deny that art is the ultimate form of expression. An artist's creativity has no limits, no rules or boundaries. Here is what San Francisco-based graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, did: he has been taking different psychedelics and other substances for twenty consecutive days. Under the influence of these substances, he created [...]

  • nine drawings experiment

Nine Drawings Experiment: Here Is What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD

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Have you ever heard of the nine drawings experiment? It was performed by an experimental psychiatrist and psychotherapist during his long-term research on LSD, from 1954 to 1962. Oscar Janiger, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, had his first experience with LSD in 1954. The outcome was so extraordinary, that he devoted the [...]

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Scientists Gave Spiders LSD and Other Drugs and Here Is What Happened

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While spiders terrify me, I still find interest in observing a web or two. The intricate lines of arachnid artwork prove to be one of the nature’s most striking creations, and seeing as I am an artist, I appreciate such beauty. How the spider web works Ever wonder how a spider web works? Well, I used [...]

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Microdosing: How Small Doses of Psychedelic Drugs Can Enhance Your Body and Mind

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While most people still consider psychedelics to be taboo drugs that can be harmful and addictive, the research shows that microdosing, or the intake of psychedelic substances in small doses, can actually enhance mental abilities and even have physical benefits. Small doses of psychedelics are called psycholytic doses and, not to worry, such doses do not [...]