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These Incredible Psychedelic Artworks Are Created by Pouring Paint and Resin onto a Canvas

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Bruce Riley is an ingenious artist with a unique style who creates incredibly vibrant captivating psychedelic artworks by using a combination of dripped paints and resins. Riley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and has lived in Chicago since 1994. As a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, he enjoyed spending his time [...]

Can a Small Dose of LSD Alleviate Depression and Anxiety?

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Depression and anxiety are debilitating diseases that stop the sufferer from experiencing life to the fullest. Some argue that recreational drugs can alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety, whilst others claim it brings on worse feelings. However, new research published on Motherboard [1] has found that a small dose (one-tenth of a “normal” dose) [...]

8 Brilliant Minds in History and Their Favorite Drugs

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Whether it’s leading countries, being part of a creative community or just wanting to experiment – at some point, some of the most famous names in history have tried or been addicted to drugs of some kind. Here’s the round-up of the most brilliant minds in history and the drugs they were once addicted to. [...]

How to Prevent a Bad Trip: a Guide to a Safe Psychedelic Experience

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Psychedelics allow users to explore the depths of their consciousness. This article explains the steps you can take to prevent yourself from having a bad trip. Before we talk about preventing a bad trip, let's discuss what psychedelics are and why people use them. Psychoactive substances have been used for thousands of years by spiritual [...]

UK Scientists Are Exploring the Health Benefits of Psychedelic Drugs

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We’ve always been warned about the psychological and physical side effects of using psychoactive drugs, but UK scientists are now conducting studies with these drugs to explore their abilities in helping cure various mental health problems. Scientists have reported that cannabis has shown positive potential for helping treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and insomnia. [...]

One Man’s Dream to Legalize MDMA Might Not Be Just a Dream for Much Longer

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We've all heard of MDMA; otherwise known as “Molly” at rave parties. For those who are not familiar with the drug, MDMA is a psychoactive drug, the consumption of which has euphoric effects, hence it is taken in the context of parties. Of course, like most drugs, MDMA is also very much illegal in many [...]

Stress Does More Than We Think – Anxiety Patient Experiences Persistent Déjà Vu

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Walking around your house is a familiar thing, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Yet what if you could remember yourself walking through your house, driving or just living day to day life like you already did it? This creepy feeling is called Déjà vu and is common among humans and some [...]

Magic Mushrooms Can Actually Rewire and Change Your Brain

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Psilocybin (the active chemical in "magic mushrooms") is, well, truly “magical.” I have discussed the benefits of psilocybin, as well as other psychedelics in some of my previous articles*, but it seems that researchers and medical professionals are discovering more and more exciting information on the topic all the time. More recently, scientists have discovered [...]