Possible to control your home appliances with your mind!

///Possible to control your home appliances with your mind!

mind controlItalian specialists from the Roman Research Institute “Santa Lucia Foundation” have created an experimental model of a device that allows people with disabilities to control home appliances with their mind.

With the help of this device, attached to one’s head and receiving signals from the brain, could, it will be possible to give a command to turn the light on and off or to answer phone calls.

Brain waves, focused on a particular electronic appliance, will be interpreted by the computer in the respective action.

Human thought processes are similar at the wave level, so the device works equally well for everyone. During the experiments the computer managed to recognize people’s thoughts in 85% of cases, which is a very good performance.

Inventors believe that a few years later, the device will find wide-spread use among people with disabilities and will be simply indispensable for astronauts with weakened muscle system due to long stay in weightless conditions, and just for pathological idlers!

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Possible to control your home appliances with your mind!