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7 Must-Watch Dystopian Films That Will Make You Think about the Future of Our Society

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The world “dystopia” is a combination of greek words, and translates to a “bad place”. It is the opposite of “utopia”, meaning a perfect place. A dystopia is generally thought to be a version of the world in the future, in which something has gone terribly wrong, resulting in massive population losses, extreme poverty, low [...]

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One Man’s Dream to Legalize MDMA Might Not Be Just a Dream for Much Longer

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We've all heard of MDMA; otherwise known as “Molly” at rave parties. For those who are not familiar with the drug, MDMA is a psychoactive drug, the consumption of which has euphoric effects, hence it is taken in the context of parties. Of course, like most drugs, MDMA is also very much illegal in many [...]

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Manipulation of the Mind: Probably a Gloomy Reality

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A few years ago, a great number of articles were published in order to raise public awareness as to the dangers introduced to each and every individual, small communities and even society as a whole, by neuroscience. And then there was nothing.  No follow-up reports, no publications, nothing.  As if no one was concerned anymore, [...]

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Charisma: The Science Behind How Leaders Affect You

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams Few qualities in man have shaped the history of nations as much as the great and perpetually admired virtue of charisma. From Alexander the Great who inspired and pushed his men to sweep [...]