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Astronomers Discover Another Earth 1,400 Light Years Away

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When NASA first spoke about the announcement, we knew it was major news, so we listened closely to what they had to say. On July 23, 2015, startling revelation tantalized the ears of many hopefuls around the world. The question of whether we would find “another Earth” has plagued us for a long time. Now, [...]

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Sign of Alien Life? Astronomer Receives a Mysterious Signal from Distant Earth-like Planet

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Finding planets in the habitable zone is only part of discovering new life in the universe. Another important factor is receiving signals from distant heavenly bodies. A mysterious signal from Earth-like planet Gliese 581g paves the way for a serious consideration that there might, indeed, be life on other planets. At least this is what [...]

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Water on Other Planets May Be More Common Than Previously Believed

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Water is thought to be one of the unique characteristics of the earth. Recently, however, this idea was proven wrong. It seems that water could be a common factor with many other planets. Asteroids Over 500 light-years away, a white dwarf star SDSS J1242+5226, found in the Ursa Major constellation, is leaving scientists in awe. [...]

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These Are the Best Candidates for Finding Alien Life in Our Solar System [Infographic]

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It may not be giant green monsters or the little gray men we see in the world of science fiction, but scientists are coming close to finding alien life, says NASA. Scientists will find indications of life within the decade and definitive evidence within twenty to thirty years, says Ellen Stofan, NASA Cheif Scientist during [...]

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We May Find Extraterrestrial Life within the Next 20 Years, Say NASA Scientists

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Is it finally time to meet our neighbors in the universe? According to science, the time is upon us, just lurking right around the corner. In the next 20 years, we may find extraterrestrial life, and many questions will finally be answered. What should we expect? We might not be greeted by big-head aliens or [...]

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Ancient Ocean on Mars Once Held More Water Than Earth’s Arctic Ocean

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Mars reveals its secrets, layer after layer. Apparently, it once had a larger quantity than what we surmised. In fact, at one time, Mars had enough water to cover the entire planet in depths of 137 metres. Scientists say this water congregated into an ocean the size of earth’s Artic Ocean, and formed the Ice [...]

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Astronomers Discover a Giant Underground Ocean on Jupiter’s Moon

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Hubble space telescope has presented the strongest evidence yet that there is indeed an ocean underneath the surface of Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. Researchers believe this ocean may contain more saltwater in it than all the water of the oceans on the Earth’s surface. Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system and the only [...]

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Methane on Mars: Does It Mean There Might Be Life on Red Planet?

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Mars, a planet still firmly lodged in our sights, has pulled us closer with promises of life. So, how does this planet get so much attention? It’s all about methane on Mars! Last year, science proclaimed that the discovery of substantial amounts of methane gas on the red planet was very unlikely. Now, a year [...]