Technology has developed through the implementation of innovative ideas to supplement outdated methods of approaching technical problems.

This has played a great part in saving time, costs, and promoting the overall production in the manufacturing industries. Reflecting on the definition, it is agreeable that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the intelligence enhanced by computer software to the human beings that helps in the performance of their duties.

In other words, it is the art and engineering of producing intellectual machines. However, it is worth noting that artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging field comprising several ranges of research. Some of these areas take account of decision-making, computer vision, and language recognition among others.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has developed other challenges containing machine learning in addition to robotics altogether. Despite the challenges, one can concur that artificial intelligence has played a key role in the enhancement of the mind of a human being.

Artificial intelligence dawns its history back to the ancient times of mankind.

This was during the time when it started growing roots of existence as a supernatural tool that can effectively serve as a person through rumors, myths, and stories. Much has been reported since the dawn of artificial intelligence as well as different developments recorded in various fields of manufacturing.

For instance, the great development of artificial intelligence occurred between 1956 and 1974 where a conference was held at Dartmouth College. The aim of the conference was to manipulate computer software to establish a program that would enhance the human thinking capacity.

Fortunately, it worked and was in a position to perform algebraic problems and mathematical calculations. It could provide theorems in geometry and the study of linguistics (Henderson, 2007). The research seeks to indicate the historical development of artificial intelligence in technology.

The process has encountered several outlays involving financial difficulties and technical problems, but it has developed over the years through the US and British support. The artificial intelligence has developed to general artificial intelligence since it can tackle technical, statistical, economic, mathematical problems and the ones based on probability.

Fortunately, it has developed an essential tool of technology and expanded its applicability in society. For instance, it is highly applicable in business organizations, governmental organizations, and private sectors. This is evident since it is very efficient, accurate, and preserves time.

Lately, there were a lot of fresh ideas on how Artificial Intelligence can enhance the human life span.

The Creation of an Artificial Intelligence will highly depend on outside factors such as giving the A.I. a physical interface that will help the A.I. to interact with the outside world and as the result – learn and evolve.

The current stage of artificial intelligence becomes clear by observing the indicators presented in it. For instance, the majority of the robots that are in use nowadays have some kind of intelligence that makes them think and act on their own.

These are clear indications that through artificial intelligence, much of the human activities, especially in the fields of manufacturing, have been replaced completely. The development of self-aware devices is meant to make activities a whole lot more advanced, thus improving the quality and standards of living.

Research asserts that the industry of technology is dynamic. In that sense, it will keep on changing, which gives a provision for development where artificial intelligence will be helpful to people in the performance of their duties in the future.

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  1. Akash

    Really its the dawn of Artificial Intelligence. Its still time for achieving human level intelligence but companies like Google and IBM are progressing tremendously in AI field and days are not too far when we will have a robot companion.

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