Are there really useless organs in the human body? It is unlikely that anyone would want to remove his appendix unless it starts to bother him, although it has no apparent function. Here is a list of “not quite useful” organs which nature has endowed us with.

10. Third eyelid

third eyelid

You may not know that you have a third eyelid in the inner corner of the eye. The third eyelid is the remaining part of the “nictitating membrane“, which is still present in some animals, such as chickens, lizards and sharks.

9. Body Hair

body hair

Without a doubt, once humans used to have much more hair. About 3 million years ago, our ancestors were completely covered by it. But with the emergence of Homo erectus, body hair lost its use.

8. Sinuses


Scientists do not really know much about sinuses, except for the fact that we have many of them. Hypotheses about their function vary from protection of the eyes to the change of the voice pitch.

7. Adenoids


Adenoids “catch” the bacteria, but they are also prone to edema and non-resistant to infections, which are often faced by children. Luckily, with age, our tonsils decrease in size, and if they cause any problems, they can be removed.

6. Tonsils


They have similar function to that of adenoids and are also prone to edema and non-resistant to infections.

5. Coccyx


The coccyx is several fused vertebrae leftover from the ancient times when humans used to have tails. Absolutely useless part of the human body.

4. Erector Pili

erector pili

When humans were hairy, thanks to this organ their hair stood on end when they needed to look bigger and scarier. Now, thanks to it we feel tingling on the skin.

3. Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Going back to the days when humans used to eat mammoth meat and did not brush their teeth, they tended to spoil quickly and fell out. Then our ancestors used wisdom teeth. Now, the presence of toothpaste and brushes made them quite useless.

2. Appendix


Darwin argued that the appendix was actively involved in the digestion during the first years of human existence when early humans used to be plant-eaters, but after they started eating more digestible food, it lost its use.

1. Men’s nipples

men's nipples

No one still knows anything about the purpose of this organ, which seems to be completely useless.

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    >The sinuses resonate the voice and also enhance smelling capabilities. Air pockets also lighten then skull which is already very heavy to begin with during infancy
    >The term for these body parts are “vestigial organs.” >>nictitating membrane earns you brownie points from your sixth grade science teacher, but other than that there is a complete lack of scientific literacy in this article.
    >Great site

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