What is the biggest problem you face with your memory? Of course, it is for memorizing and remembering specific things, moments, or names.

There are many sophisticated techniques that could help you improve your memory, but most likely, you won’t remember them at the moment when they will be most necessary unless if these methods become a habit.

So, when you learn some new techniques, practice them until they become automatic. Here are some ways to do it in a better way.

Use your imagination for memorizing and remembering things

Once at an event, all guests were invited to visit a room for a minute, and then to get out and to write down all the 15 subjects that were there. Most people were able to remember from 5 to 8 subjects. But there was a boy who remembered all the 15 subjects.

Later it was found out how he did this. His father had taught him a simple method of tying two subjects.

For example, you want to memorize a list of the following items: soap, milk, honey, fork, flowers. Compose a vivid story in your imagination, adding each item one by one: in the bathroom, you are going to wash your hands.

First of all, you take soap and wash your hands with milk instead of water. Then you use a fork to comb your hair and put some honey on it, and finally, you pick up a bouquet of flowers and smile in the mirror. With the help of such an odd mental ‘movie’, you will remember it even the day after.

Some other memory tricks

Many of us have problems with remembering people’s names. So, when you hear someone’s name for the first time tell yourself: “Remember that!” Your subconscious will ‘mark’ this information as more important. And it will be much easier for you to remember it.

If you know what you memorize it for, it will be much easier to remember it. Think about how this person may be useful for you in the future and link it to some special feature you noticed about them. The importance of information and the association you created will really help you remember the person’s name next time you meet them.

There are many similar tricks for memorizing and remembering things. But the point is to practice them. So if you want to improve your memory and achieve good results, start right now!

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