vampire starA research team led by scientists from the University of Amsterdam has observed an impressive cosmic phenomenon. Using the VLT telescope located in Chile, researchers have studied dozens of O-type stars which are located in various stellar clusters in our galaxy. During one of their observations, the scientists identified a binary system in which an O-type star accepted the attack of its neighbor star which literally “sucked” its matter! The experts have called such stars “vampires”.

The O-type stars are enormous. They are at least 15 times larger and one million times brighter than the Sun, and emit blue and white light. The researchers studied 71 stars of this type and concluded that the vast majority of them exists in binary star systems. According to the experts, 20% -30% of these stars eventually merges with their neighbor star.

The researchers identified a binary system in which two stars, an O-type star and a much smaller one, are spaced at such a distance that there can be no merger. In this case, one of the two stars begins to “suck” the matter of the other one. The impressive thing here is that the star which unleashes the attack is not the O-type star but its small neighbor!

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) which owns the VLT telescope unveiled an artistic presentation of the fascinating phenomenon.

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