This article contains opinions that may be viewed as controversial. My intention is not to offend anybody, only to explain my beliefs in theology and what I, personally, have decided is logical.

As a resident of our universe, we all have some opinion on a higher power or governing force behind existence; even if this opinion is that there is nothing out there. Our entire world history can be tracked by religious beliefs and mythology which have been commonly used as a means to comfort through explaining the unknown.

The religions which are currently followed and the higher powers which are currently worshiped belong to classifications that have adapted and transformed throughout time.

Some broad perspectives can be sub-categorized, like Christianity being divided into different groups, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, etc. just by the details of what is regarded as important.

Now that’s a debate – what (or who) defines that which is more important.

Keeping on with the Christianity analogy referencing various sub-classifications, note that the foundational principles, the cornerstones and mortar which hold it all together, are the same between each classification.

Fundamentally, the key components are Heaven, Hell, God, Commandments.

Those who are good people and follow the important rules, including accepting Christ as your savior, will ultimately spend an eternity in Heaven.

Those who are bad people and neglect the rules, turning their backs on their religious guidings and not seeking to repent for their sins, will ultimately spend an eternity in Hell. The rest of the division into different classifications, as I boldly consider segregation of Church, is actually purely based on morality.

Some will be more likely to “spare the rod and spoil the child” while others see that type of reinforcement as sin incarnate. Others yet will even put specific commandments above the others, while some believe that simply praying and asking for atonement on a nightly basis is sufficient regardless of action or intention.

Further religious segregation can be attributed to many things, some (outside of Christianity, now) which are comprised of many gods.

It’s a little odd, I think, that large masses of our population can follow a religion which specifically states it is a sin to worship any other Gods than the one true God, while other large masses follow a religion which observes hundreds of entities as higher powers.

One side of the spectrum worships an individual deity for each aspect of our observed lives – a god of the sun, the lord of wind, the god of harvest, and the spirit of the woods. The other side of the spectrum worships a singular entity that governs everything alone.

The absolute conflict between these perspectives is perturbing, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it mean that whoever is wrong is going to suffer an eternity of punishment for improper beliefs? Then, in an attempt to bring salvation to groups of people throughout the world and history, people have continually killed one another in a holy war – murder, at it’s best.

Some Christians in history actually used their “faith” as justification to spread fear through rape and pillaging after slaughtering the bulk of societies. Is this not a sin? Who is right? Who gets to exist in prosperous sanctity for having chosen the “good guy’s” side?

Now is the controversial part – I believe they’re all wrong because I believe they’re all right.

In my eyes – in my honest and logic-based belief system – God is all of these things. The bible, which is observed by all sub-classifications of Christianity, in my perspective, is mostly a compilation of metaphor.

It is taught that metaphor is the highest form of language; wouldn’t the explanation of life and all driving factors behind morality be defined through the highest form of language?

Considering the vast amount of things that are to be covered, a few thousand pages wouldn’t be nearly enough to actually define life, origination, creation, expansion, and everything else the bible preaches.

Thousands of people have their own understanding, and preach this notion, and claim it’s the truth. In a previous article, I stated that every one of these beliefs is correct in its own capacity because the person who truly believes it makes it correct for their own reality.

I do believe in God.

I may not believe in the conventionally preached aspirations associated with the entity; I may not believe that every story in the bible is 100% infallible truth, but I do believe in the associated positivity with the notion.

I do not think that God is a singular being – I do not believe that God is a sentient consciousness that witnesses, governs, judges, forgives, and outlives. I believe that God IS creation. I believe that God is all positivity, all good energy, and does have a physical and spiritual source location in the universe.

I believe that when we do well and feel good about it, we are drawing on God’s energy. When we are happy, we have God in us. When we are telling ourselves everything is going to be alright during a hard time, we are reaching into the astral form, the energy base of our Lord.

I believe that God exists as all that is good, all that prospers, all that will be cherished. In much the same way, the devil exists as negative energy – as our fears, our shortcomings, our greed, our selfish endeavors, our hate, our envy, and everything which makes us miserable.

God is love and the energy we draw on, recycled back to the singular entity, filling all, and within all – vengeful, yes, because of the strength of this prosperity.

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  1. christine

    I agree with pretty much everything you write. The only differece is that in my opinion God is all and in everything… light and darkness, good and bad. In fact the word ‘God’ alone doesn’t quite help me get my point through because it serves as a very specific label (meaning how can someone/something that depicts love actually be fear as well?) But hopefully you understand what I’m saying. It is only a matter of choice. Firstly embrace both sides of you and then choose which one is more helpful for you to grow. Love based feelings bring us peace, hapiness, joy and so on. Fear based feelings create anger, jealousy, greed and so on. And of course there is no such thing – again, in my opinion – as trying as hard as you can not to have negative feelings, ever! We shouldn’t beat ourselves for being angry or envious sometimes because that is merely an expression of a feeling, not who we are! Embrace it and discard it. I think that is the ultimate goal to reach. Hope all this makes sense.

    1. Nick Harding

      Christine – it does make sense, yes. I’d say you are right, as well, just looking at both sides of the metaphor as singular. Which, as you say, it’s hard to use the word ‘God’ alone and describe the full magnitude.

  2. Chris Snowden

    Very interesting article. I would like to take you up on your invitation to dialogue. Firstly, you begin with a Freudian presupposition that belief is at service to, or at best, a result of the need for comfort. This later comes out in your conclusions about God and the devil. God is at most discernable in immediate emotions of positivity and the devil in immediate emotions of negativity.
    Furthermore, the distinction you set up with good (positivity) and evil (negativity) is fundamentally dualistic. To this point allow me to say two things: first, if two contradictory (good, or positive, v. evil, or negative) infinities exist, than neither would exist. Second, it greatly problematizes the faith of believers because God is now only with them in good things and not with them in suffering.
    My final point is on your definition of God. You at one point say that God is a physical or spiritual presence in the universe. However, God is not a force in the universe, or a presence in the universe, God is the source of existence. Because of this, he cannot be a being in the universe, like you and I are. Even if we were to put God on a higher level of existence than us, he would still be a being grounded in existence and not existence itself.
    Thank you for your article. For the sake of time and space most of these are developed but I would love to know what you think.

    1. Nick Harding

      I appreciate the challenge, Chris, and the fact that you caught the Freudian presupposition – I disagree with some of what Freud concluded, but other aspects of his perspective can be carried with truth.

      You are right that the way I chose to phrase the article, and the construction of the context, eludes to a distinction between God and Devil, which is, as you say, problematic and infers that God is not with us during turmoil and misery. However, remember that we are all comprised of both types of energy, and both types are always with us; we always have the ability to choose to view things with their silver linings because we always have access to the energy of God.

      In rebuttal to your other comment regarding cancellation of the two defined sub-categorizations of energy – this is not math – shadows exist because of the absence of light; I am not saying that darkness and negativity is a singular source of energy, as I have described the entity energy pool of God, but rather the lack of positivity, much like cold is the absence of heat and darkness is the absence of light. A lot of this is also diverged from metaphorical principals described in my other articles; for instance, the infinity complex of the energy therein is referencing a conceptual infinity, where the astral realm in which all existence is actually contained does not abide by physical constraints as have been created for our waking minds.

      Some of what I say in this comment may seem contradictory to what I stated in the article. This is because of the metaphors I used, if you read between the lines and tie some of what I say in this article to a few of my others to further understand some of the more obscure statements, this explanation does fit.

  3. Stuart Williamson

    God is light,Light is energy…
    Thoughts and emotions emit energy…
    Light is also knowledge(Words/Thoughts)…
    God is also Spirit or Consciousness(Mind)..
    God Is Love, which I believe to be force!

  4. Jeremiah Josey

    Nice thoughts. Now try the idea of “god” as a verb.

  5. George E Moss

    Interesting article … good thoughts. My belief, arising from spirit communications, comes close to yours Nick; God is the Creative Principle and all is created in love and all, in the final analysis, is energy. The religions are of course all man-made approximations, and it is clear from the fact that they differ from each other that they are flawed. It amazes me that so many attend churches and pretend to uphold principles such as ‘love thy neighbor’ and ‘thou shalt not kill’, yet they vote for warmonger governments who threaten all with nuclear weapons. Surely, they waste their time in going to church?

    1. Nick Harding

      *laughs* I’m glad you brought that up in the comments, George. I had avoided writing my views on church in my article since some churches are great for the community.

      My basic view, though, even when I was prepubescent and still teething with ignorance, is that church is a man-made construct which was developed for the purpose of greed and is blasphemic in nature. Various parts of the bible state that we are the Lords temple, a true faithful person will not worship publicly, but within themselves. A prayer is meant to be whispered, intimately, not sung out amongst your peers. The church, at least as I’ve known it, seems to have been made as a means of proving our belief to one another, which is deemed unsavory by the biblical text being studied in these facilities…ironic…

  6. Thomas

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts . I grew up under the influence of many mind altering substances beginning at an age when my brain shouldn’t have been getting influenced by anything synthetic . I’m 50 now and have been clear of all chemicals for approx 10 years . I grew up without religion or supervision my folks did at the time what they thought was best . Having to rescue my brain I decided to dive into Christianity all the way . I made great friends and eventually sobered up. Clearing my mind was difficult, scary and often times confusing but I managed . Now several years into the faith I started to question the ideology, history and facts concerning Christianity . Make a long story short I’m not a Christian any longer . I’m also not a Muslim, Jew, Hindu and or Seeker any longer . At this stage in my existence I’m testing the waters for Buddhism and Zazen. My mind is going through now sober with all its curiosity about the world what maybe perhaps it should have gone through as a teenager many years ago and often at times its overwhelming but I am full of gratitude . I’m not a philosopher, scientist and or theologian but in all my studies I to believe that I’m heading in the direction that everything boils down to types of energy in the universe or multi-universes or dimensions or whatever your school of thought is . Past life regression under hypnosis and NDE are very fascinating to me it’s as close a description of energy that resonates with me. ” Home at The Tree of Life.” this book nailed it for me . I believe my consciousness is a byproduct of evolutionary quantum algorithm’s giving way to my self awareness a type of energy processing at light speed . I do not believe in death because I have been given life . Types of energy those which create suffering and those which create love pick your fruit wisely because I do believe the soul recycles . What I am very interested in is something I can’t seem to find anywhere concerning what is the energy that holds the souls departure from one incarnation to another the shell the wall the foundation that keeps who or what I am intact for the next experience . Anyhow these days I’m just trying to be the best human I can and when work and time permit I’m helping other humans who are less fortunate . Thank you again and religion as a metaphor makes sence to me .

    1. Nick Harding

      Very interesting, Thomas. The “Home at the Tree of Life” is something I should probably look into. I wrote an article regarding the flower of life and it’s stages, including the sephiroth within the tree of life. I’ve only ever experienced religion in short bursts, I think I transitioned through four or five belief systems in a year and decided that, without looking at it metaphorically, they’re all inherent conflict; with open eyes it seems obvious that all forms have the same context.

  7. Ndiangui kimani

    I personally think that god is spontaneity, a spark, the instance something happens, God is nature i don’t feel that the force we refer to as “god” is conscious in the fact that it holds us account able to our actions and reserves us i spot in the eternity made of our own choosing, because firstly i don’t believe in eternity because everything must come to an end so that new things can begin, i mean one defining fact of the universe is that chaos or entropy always increases unless energy is being applied to allow the status quo to remain, thats the reason we age and die.
    I think the greatest metaphor for god is a singularity event, this is one of the ways that it is theorized the universe was created basically everything came from absolutely nothing, and by nothing i mean the absence of reality, so a singularity is spontaneity and that is what i think god is. God is the force that creates reality

  8. cosmoschild

    God, heaven, hell, good , bad , right , wrong all these are human coined terms to define what humans are not able to understand. There is only universal consciousness and you will understand how naive humans have been throughout history once you are able to connect yourself with it. This angel and demon bullshit has been created by religion which is an excellent tool to tame humans.

  9. edc

    I have read that to understand good you must understand what evil is and the only way to fully understand it we must experience both. Is this the same with everything else that one goes through in life or many lives? Logic seems to say that any universal all knowing force would already know the choices that we would make in life before creation and thus invalidates any punishment of such choices and so the experience is the only requirement and failures are necessary.

  10. kyle backlund

    I believe god is a being with magnificient talent and watches over and blesses people with good fortune

  11. Angel

    The Trinity
    Three separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead

    As Einstein’s equation is ONE equation that can be transformed into 3 different states (Energy, Mass and Speed of Light) the Trinity is ONE Godhead that can exist as 3 separate or distinct entities, namely Energy, Light and Mass/Matter.

    The relationship between science and Creation is similar to Einstein’s Equation, E = mc^2

    where E = Energy, God, the Father
    m = mass, Jesus Christ, the Son
    c = speed of light, Holy Spirit, the Mother

    The Holy Spirit is light and wisdom and is able to travel faster than light’s speed, as was done in the first days of Creation. Notice the family unit (Father, Mother, Son) associated with the Godhead. This family unit is what God intended for His Creation when He stated, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

  12. Constance

    I really connect with your views, which is how I ended up here I suppose. lol. I was raised a catholic but questioned everything from a very young age. In religion and science class, my questions were not appreciated and always unanswered; so I looked for those answers on my own.
    I also have been very curious about the Trinity in relation to E=Mc2. It is fascinating food for thought. I tend to think of God as being the main source of energy, seeing as energy is the power behind everything and everything. However, I still think God is beyond an explanation such as energy.
    I think God will always be beyond our grasp of knowledge, as Einstein once said, “To sense that behind everything that can be experienced there is something that our minds cannot grasp, whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly: this is religiousness. In this sense…I am a devoutly religious man. ”In response to a young girl who had asked him whether he believed in God, he wrote: “everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe—a Spirit vastly superior to that of man.”
    It is my belief that science can merely try to explain God’s amazing creations but will never be able to clarify or justify what’s behind all of it. There will always be theories but that is all.

  13. Adrianne

    I couldn’t have read an article more spot on to the way I personally see things, than this one. Thank you, sir! My heart has been warmed.

  14. Chand Datwani

    Ultimate beyond energy is the almighty.

    Everything that goes beyond our imagination evolves and that energy is the almighty.

    in yoga in my view concentration is on muscles, bones and blood including nerves etc.

    in Jin Shin Jyutsu, japanese form of excercise the concentration is only on energy flows in the body to heal all issues. It is time tested and it works,

    The driving force of this energy is God as it helps physical, mental and all forms of state of all beings including humans.

    With due respect to all religions, they are a method created to control the masses in every possible way and all the literature is directed towards that.

    Only very few persons understand this and they are able to manage the mind etc to have life of minimum stress if not stress free life.

    This is my personal view and I need no credit and claim no super knowledge etc.

    Om Shanti

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