Considering we spend the majority of our lives working, it’s not surprising that our desks and workspaces can communicate a lot about our personality and the way our minds work.

Whether your working space is a busy office, a quiet dedicated room in your home or a corner of your bedroom, the way you keep your desk can communicate what kind of genius you are.

Is your desk cluttered?

A cluttered desk full of books and paper, pens and pencils, sticky notes and sellotape all over the place communicates a creative genius. When creatives become engrossed in their work, other things lose out, including tidiness. Somebody once claimed Albert Einstein’s desk was so cluttered there wasn’t even enough room for dust.

Does everything on your desk have its own place?

A minimalist desk is the sign of a functional, focused genius. This type of desk contains only the essentials – sharpened pencils in a pot, notepads in a neat pile and a placemat holding a glass of water is an example of the minimalist desk of those such as Marie Curie.

Do you prefer games and toys?

Having games and toys on a desk can show the type of genius that works best in teams. Mark Twain is an excellent example of this kind of desk and it is rumoured that after he had finished a few pages of writing, he would reward himself with a game of Parcheesi or table tennis. Having games around your desk shows you are relaxed, interesting and that your genius thrives whilst working with others.

Are you organised to a T?

Being organised is different to being a minimalist, although the two are very similar. Each file is labelled and in its correct place. Everything must be put back the way it is, so it can be easily accessed at a moment’s glance. Thomas Edison is the example for this kind of organised, precise genius and his desk can still be seen to this day at the Thomas Edison National Park in New Jersey.

Are you all about technology?

Is your desk a hub for all things technological? If so, you’re like Nikola Tesla. This type of technological genius requires the latest technology and gadgets around you whilst you work.

This type of genius is often those who work within the field or rely very heavily on technology for their work. Having a desk bulging with the latest technological releases communicates a lot about the way you live your life as well as the way you want to be seen by others.

Do you work from the comfort of your own home?

Whether it’s a specific office room in your house or a simple laptop-in-bed situation, your genius comes out to play when you’re in the comfort of your own home. As working from home is an ever-growing trend within today’s culture, it’s no surprise that 1 in 5 American’s enjoy staying in their pyjamas all day and being in their own personal space when they work.

Charles Darwin has said to have done some of his best work whilst in the comfort of his own home and if it’s good enough for Darwin, it’s good enough for us.

Which type of genius are you? If you had to describe your desk in three words, how would you describe it?

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