Psychologists found out that the preferred sleeping position of married couples can tell a lot about their relationship and personality traits. The new study has also provided important information about the preferences of extroverts and creative people.

Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire conducted a large-scale study, during which he managed to interview more than 1,000 people.

The scientist was primarily interested in the question of how the sleeping position in which couples prefer to spend the night can reveal things about the traits of their personalities and relationship.

According to the psychologist, the “back to back” position is the most common among married couples, since 42% of all respondents said it was their favorite sleeping position.

The second place in popularity belongs to the “in one direction” position with 31 percent of respondents. And only 4% of all couples claimed to sleep facing each other.

Approximately, 12% of all respondents said they slept in close proximity to each other, while 2% preferred to keep a distance not less than one meter.

“The most important factor pointing to the harmonious relationship is touching each other during sleep. 94% of all couples who said they had body contact are very happy in the relationship. At the same time, among couples who avoid body contact during sleep only 68% are satisfied with their love status quo,” said the professor.

Also, the results of the survey showed that the further the partners are from each other during sleep, the less satisfied they seem to be with their relationship. About 86% of all the happy couples said they spend the night close to each other, and about 66% prefer to keep a distance of more than one meter.

Another interesting finding was about extroverted people who seem to prefer to cuddle up to their loved ones when sleeping. At the same time, creative people tend to sleep on their left-hand side of the bed.

What is your preferred sleeping position? Do you agree with the results of the study?

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  1. Lisa

    My husband and I are very happily married while sleeping at least a couple of feet apart in a king sized bed. Don’t lend a lot of credence to that study.

  2. Anthony

    Okay, so maybe I am outing myself as the analytic type, but what is the left side of the bed? Is it the left side of the observer? And where is the observer observing from? The foot of the bed? The head of the bed? The left side of the bed for an observer observing from the foot of the bed would be the right side of the bed for people sleeping on their backs. The observation communicates nothing of value without a definition of left side.

  3. Jess

    Which left side? Left looking at it, or left when you’re on it? 🙂

  4. Marty

    Stage left?

  5. kait

    Their left hand side. Left hand hanging off the left hand side side of the bed. Makes sense. Me and my boyfriend trade off on who
    gets the outer edge of the left hand side

  6. bob

    Lisa, the study never said that you were unhappy. 😀

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