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Until now it was thought that the tunnels in spacetime predicted by Albert Einstein cannot exist long enough to transfer light photons through them. Now, scientists have proposed a new concept of sending information through time.

Dr. Luke Butcher, physicist at Cambridge University, has suggested that there may exist wormholes in space-time that remain in the open position for an amount of time sufficient to send a photon through them forward or backward in time.

Travel back in time is one of the favorite topics of science fiction, which, however, is considered seriously by scientists, at least in theory. The idea of a wormhole – a tunnel in spacetime, which begins at one point and ends at another, connecting the past and the future – was advanced by Albert Einstein.

However, it was believed that such tunnels can exist only for a very small period of time, which is not enough to send even a photon moving at the speed of light through it, not to mention the possibility of transferring people.

Therefore, time travel had not been seriously taken by scientists for decades, until 1988 when American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne proposed the concept of keeping wormholes in the open position for a longer period of time.

His idea was to keep the tunnel open, using the negative energy – the so-called Casimir energy. And although this idea many be considered promising, nobody could imagine how to create Casimir energy inside a wormhole.

In his work, Luke Butcher proves that the Casimir energy can exist in wormholes by itself, and that is why tunnels through spacetime can stay open for much longer than previously thought. According to the Butcher’s estimations, it is possible to send subatomic particles such as photons through them.

My approach was to see if the wormhole, being a tube-like structure, could create the Casimir effect itself”, said Dr. Butcher to MailOnline. “My calculations showed that if a wormhole is very long compared to its width, negative energy can be created in the center of the wormhole.”

Thus, although the physics of wormholes has not been adequately studied to date, there is a real likelihood that wormholes can be used to send light information back and forth in time.

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