Sign of Alien Life? Astronomer Receives a Mysterious Signal from Distant Earth-like Planet

mysterious signal

Finding planets in the habitable zone is only part of discovering new life in the universe. Another important factor is receiving signals from distant heavenly bodies. A mysterious signal from Earth-like planet Gliese 581g paves the way for a serious consideration that there might, indeed, be life on … READ MORE

‘Multiverse Fermi Paradox:’ Where Are the Civilizations from Other Universes?

Multiverse Fermi Paradox

The universe continues to be such a mysterious territory, our territory. Although we have considered that maybe we aren’t the only ones here, there is no solid evidence to support this idea. The most popular discussions come from the belief in the Fermi paradox, which asks: if … READ MORE

NASA Wants to Launch Interstellar Space Missions in 20 Years

nasa interstellar space missions

The urge to explore beyond our solar system grows stronger every day. This proves true for the understanding of wormholes and time travel as well. In order to quench our thirst for the unknown, NASA will research unknown physics revolutionizing exploration of space. Unknown physics We first … READ MORE

These Are the Best Candidates for Finding Alien Life in our Solar System [Infographic]

Finding Alien Life in our Solar System

It may not be giant green monsters or the little gray men we see in the world of science fiction, but scientists are coming close to finding alien life, says NASA. Scientists will find indications of life within the decade and definitive evidence within twenty to thirty … READ MORE