New Revolutionary Theory Claims Dark Energy Will Eventually ‘Swallow’ the Universe

An international research team came up with a new shocking theory about the possible future of the universe suggesting that the mysterious dark energy “swallows” the not less mysterious dark matter. According to the study authors, in case their theory is right, we will “end up with a big, empty … READ MORE

The Fermi Paradox: 11 Weird Reasons Why Aliens Won’t Come over for Dinner…

There has always been an interest in the speculation of life on other planets. Lately, almost everyone believes that extraterrestrials do, in fact, exist. Among the billions of galaxies besides our own, life just has to thrive in some form, right? Even in our own “home town” scientists have found … READ MORE

New Quantum Theory Suggests Parallel Universes Exist and Interact with Our Own

If we thought we were unique, we are probably wrong. Our world is, in all aspects, not the only world in existence. I am not talking about other planets, yet undiscovered in the universe. What is meant by other worlds, is rather, parallel universes much like our own, but with … READ MORE

American Physicist Claims That Black Holes Do Not Exist and Are Mathematically Impossible

The term “black hole” refers to regions in space formed when a star dies and collapses under the pressure of its own gravity to a single point in space called a singularity. The gravitational forces on a specific singularity are so intense that even the light cannot escape them, and … READ MORE

Could Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon Be Another Possible Cradle for Life?

There is a growing list of moons within our solar system, which could indeed harbor life. Although these speculations need a firm backing, they do present notable points toward the idea. Among these magnificent moons, there is one which really grabs our attention-our solar system’s “Death Star” moon, Mimas. Mimas … READ MORE

The Ultimate Paradox: Travelling Faster Than Light Without Travelling Faster Than Light

When Albert Einstein stipulated his theories on general and special relativity, he proved that travelling with the speed of light is the absolute limit any material object could achieve. Yet in 1994 a Mexican scientist said that it was possible to travel faster than light, while Einstein’s theories would still … READ MORE

There Could Be Half As Much Dark Matter In The Milky Way As Previously Thought

Dark matter has never been easy to understand, neither has it been a piece of cake to measure. According to recently attained measurements, however, it seems that there is only half the amount of dark matter than what we previously thought. If you have no idea what dark matter is, … READ MORE