Astronomers Discover a Giant Underground Ocean on Jupiter’s Moon

Hubble space telescope has presented the strongest evidence yet that there is indeed an ocean underneath the surface of Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon.  Researchers believe this ocean may contain more saltwater in it than all the water of the oceans on the Earth’s surface. Ganymede is the largest moon in … READ MORE

The Big Bang May Have Never Happened According to Quantum Equations

Did the Big Bang really happen? Probably not, according to two physicists who wish to revive one of the most popular arguments of the twentieth century. What these guys think is completely different from what cosmologists thought about the universe. Where did the Big Bang theory come from? The words … READ MORE

Black Hole in ‘Interstellar’ Inspires an Actual Scientific Discovery!

As soon as I read about Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film titled “Interstellar”, I realized that it was going to become one of my favorite movies. And I was right because it’s something more than just a great science fiction movie with fascinating visual effects – it’s also a thought-provoking … READ MORE

Astronomers Find the Oldest Known Solar System in the Galaxy, Hailing from the Dawn of Time

A recent discovery has left the world in awe. Yet again, we are left spellbound by the beauty of the universe. Scientists have found the oldest known solar system in the galaxy, at least one of them anyway. Kepler 444, orbited by 5 planets, seems to have been created around the … READ MORE

Stephen Hawking Is Working on a New Theory of Everything, Based on Gravitational Waves

Stephen Hawking has proven in the recent past that all things in space and time can be explained. Facts about our existence and how nothing became something great – he has channeled these answers from the cosmos. He has provided explanations causing scientists to re-evaluate their thinking. One of the … READ MORE