New Theory States Milky Way Might Be a Giant Wormhole

Giant Wormhole

Let’s consider a few astrological discoveries made in the previous year: Dark matter – it has been ascertained that dark matter is only as mysterious as dark energy, which gives us a deeper look into the riddles of space. Exoplanets, heavenly bodies in distant galaxies, have given promise to life … READ MORE

What Kept the Universe Stable After the Big Bang?

We understand that the Big Bang created the universe, but how did existence remain stable? This question creates other questions about why particles didn’t disintegrate after this monumental explosion. What held existence all together? What force kept dust in certain areas, forming planets and suns in vast numbers? There are … READ MORE

There May Be a Parallel Universe That Is Moving Backwards in Time

There are many things that we know about time, and many other things that we still struggle to comprehend. Time, as we previously understood the concept, moves forward and forward alone. There are ways that allow for time travel, rather extensive ways that take a stretch of the imagination.  Have … READ MORE

The Mystery of the Moon: Observations That Reveal Strange Things about Our Satellite

moon mystery

The astral body around planet Earth has baffled scientists for centuries. It has also baffled common people with its mood affecting properties. Some people doubt the facts. Why? Is there any doubt that Moon affects mood swings especially to people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer (the notorious cancerian … READ MORE

Is Earth a Prison Planet and the Moon – Its Guardian?

Isaac Asimov suggested a long time ago that the Moon is not a natural astral body. All independent studies ever since backed Asimov’s calculations and it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the gravitational features of the Moon are not just abnormal. They are the exact numbers required so … READ MORE