Does the full moon really affect our behavior?

///Does the full moon really affect our behavior?

full moon effectAccording to British experts, the belief that the full moon brings us to “madness” is a myth.

So some people recommend staying at home at the full moon night to avoid social interactions and possible conflicts, but experts say that the full moon’s effect on human psychology can not be verified scientifically.

In 1996, U.S.researchers studied the files of a regional hospital, where there had been recorded more than 150,000 visits to the emergency room. As they explained in a publication in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, they did not detect any difference in the number of visits between the full moon nights and usual nights.

Other studies based on analysis of visits to the emergency room concerning psychiatric cases and seizures, as well as the analysis of the results of surgery, also failed to confirm the difference between a full moon night and a usual night.

Thus it seems that the full moon does not affect people’s behavior, but what about animals? In 2007 the experts at the University of Colorado made a research to find out how

many cats and dogs passed the veterinary emergency clinic of the institution.

They found that cats were 23% more likely to visit the vet during a full moon. In the case of dogs the percentage rose to 28%.

British study published in December 2000 inthe British Medical Journal showed that during the full moon veterinary clinics accept more cases involving animal bites, compared with other nights when the moon is in other phases. On the other hand, a study from Australia published in the same issue shows no correlation between the full moon and increased animal injuries.

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Does the full moon really affect our behavior?