In 50 Years We Will Live on the Moon, Says Hawking

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space colonizationOn Monday, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking appeared in one of the British TV shows and made a number of very interesting predictions about the future of humanity.

The 72 year old scientist appeared in the show «Live from Space» on Channel 4 which had a live connection with the astronauts of the International Space Station. Hawking often makes predictions of technological and scientific progress and its impact on human life in the near and distant future. This time Hawking argued that the 21st century will be a milestone in space exploration.

In 50 years we will have created bases and homes on the Moon. The same will happen on Mars by the end of the century,” says Hawking, who believes that if we fail to colonize other planets, humanity will be in danger of extinction. “Our planet is an old world that is threatened by the continued human population growth and the depletion of the Earth’s resources. We must take account of these factors and make up a plan B. If we want to survive the next hundred years, even if not talking about the next thousand years, it is imperative to colonize other worlds away from Earth. If we follow this path I am sure that the next century will be characterized as a true space age,” said Hawking.

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In 50 Years We Will Live on the Moon, Says Hawking