Is our Universe Connected to Parallel Universes?

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multiverse parallel universesMost of us are familiar with the hypothesis of Multiverse, which states that our universe is only a part of a system of countless universes that have a sort of connection with each other but at the same time may have completely different structure and natural laws.

Just imagine a universe with 10 observable dimensions, different kinds of fields and time going in both directions… It may resemble a science fiction book, but who said that the existence of such a world is not possible? Remus Gogu in his book Book Riding. Creative Readings and Writings in Physics and Psychology states that it is more likely that the number of such universes is infinite rather than just high, which may mean that “at least in one of these universes, an intelligent form of life should have figured out by now a mechanism to travel from one universe to another or at least pass some signals from one universe to another in order to communicate their presence.

But are all the universes connected with each other and, most importantly, is there a way of communication between them? “There might be a chance to see some clues in our own universe about the existence of the others (either active communication or a message transmitted at the beginning of our universe through the mechanism of creation),” writes Gogu. Since we are talking about an infinite number of universes and possibilities, and infinity always creates paradoxes, there may be universes that cannot be linked with the others at all. Who knows, maybe this is the kind of universe we live in…

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Is our Universe Connected to Parallel Universes?