opposites attractThe search for the ideal partner is not an easy thing to do as it strongly depends on the characteristics we subjectively appreciate and search for in the opposite sex.

Do we want a partner who is moving on the same wavelength with us or are we looking for a person based on the traits that we do not have? This is a question that has puzzled many people for many many years…

We are basically looking for a person who is very much alike us, states a study published in the journal Psychology Today. Subconsciously, we want our partner to have many features in common with us in order to ensure stability in the future desires and thoughts.

In some way, the sexual attraction of a person like us confirms that we are normal and desirable, say the researchers. Dr. Stacy Lynn Harps shares this view, and states that the compatibility ensures the happy future of the relationship.

A study published in 2008 in the journal Evolutionary Psychology argues that it is more likely to match with a person like us in terms of personality, but we are seeking something new and different as for general preferences and interests.

The psychologist Leslie Beth Wish adds that the “recipe” for the happy relationship includes shared values, similar experiences and family background but complementary personalities.

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