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Remote Neural Monitoring

How many times did you have thoughts that you never wanted to share with anyone and have been constantly worried at the thought of someone ever finding out about these thoughts?  All of us have been through this process, and the new and improved technologies being developed around the world, supposedly to deal with crime and terrorism, and inadvertently intrude on one’s privacy, should probably bring us all to the brink of paranoia.  These technologies are funded by governments at the highest level and some of the countries involved include USA, UK, Spain, Germany and France.

Recently, the infamous National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S.A. has developed a very efficient method of controlling the human brain. This technology is called Remote Neural Monitoring (R.N.M.) and is expected to revolutionize crime detection and investigation.

R.N.M. works remotely (ever wondered why have we all been driven relentlessly towards wireless systems?) to control the brain under the objective to detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of a possible culprit.  Inevitable question: How can you isolate a criminal thought if you do not have a comparative measure of non-criminal thoughts?

This undertaking is based on two principles:

  1. The research studies have shown that the humanoid intellect thinks at a speed of about 5 kilobits per second and, therefore, does not have the capability to contest with supercomputers acting via satellites, implants and biotelemetry.
  2. The human brain has a characteristic set of bioelectric resonance structure. By using supercomputers, the R.N.M. system can home in on it, and send messages through an embedded individual’s nervous system in order to affect their performance in a preferred way.

The entire system has been developed after about 50 years (!) of neuro-electromagnetic human experimentations, claimed to be involuntary, but there is no evidence to support this claim.  According to many scientists involved in this program (their names are not revealed for obvious reasons), within a few years it is expected that DNA microchips, under the guise of medical breakthroughs that will be presented to launch the disease cure processes on speed and efficiency, will be implanted in the humanoid cereberum, which would make it inherently controllable. R.N.M. will then have the ability to read and govern a person’s emotional mental procedures along with the involuntary and visions.

At present, around the world, supercomputers are watching millions of people at the same time, with the speed of 20 terabits per second, particularly in countries like USA, Japan, Israel and a number of European countries.  A similar program is supposedly under way in Russia.

How does R.N.M. work?  It employs a set of programs functioning at different levels, like:

  1. The signals intelligence system which applies electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), to excite the brain for the system and the electronic brain link (EBL).
  2. The Brain Stimulation system that has been planned as particle emission intelligence, which means receiving information from unintentionally created electromagnetic waves in the environment. However, it is not related to radioactivity or nuclear detonation.
  3. The recording machines that have electronic equipment to examine electrical action in human beings from afar. This computer-generated brain charting can always record all electrical events in the cerebrum.
  4. The recording aid system deciphers individual brain maps for security purposes.

The underlining technology of this system takes under consideration that the electrical activity in the speech center of the brain, can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts.  R.N.M. can send encrypted signals to the audio cortex of the brain directly circumventing the ear. This encoding assists in detecting audio communication. It can also perform electrical mapping of the cerebrum’s activity from the visual center, which is achieved by avoiding the eyes and optic nerves, consequently projecting imageries from the subject’s mind onto a video display. With this visual and audio memory, both can be visualized and analyzed.

The machinery involved can, remotely and non-invasively, detect information by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in 30-50Hz, 5 mW electromagnetic emissions from the cerebrum.  Evoked potentials are called the spikes and patterns created by the nerves, as they produce a shifting electrical pattern with an ever-changing magnetic instability, which then puts on a constant amount of electromagnetic waves. The interesting part about this is that the entire exercise is carried out without any physical contact with the subject.

The EMF emissions can be decoded into current thoughts and audiovisual perception, in the subject’s gumption. It sends complicated cyphers and electromagnetic pulse signals to activate evoked potentials inside the mind, consequently generating sound and visual input in the neural circuits. With its speech, auditory and visual communication arrays, R.N.M. allows for a comprehensive audio-visual mind-to-mind connection or a mind-to-computer association.

The mechanism needs to decrypt the resonance frequency of each specific site to modulate the input of information in that specific location of the cerebrum.

Furthermore, R.N.M. can detect audio via microwaves, and features the broadcast of precise directives into the subconscious, producing visual disorders, illusions and instillation of words and numbers into the brain through radiation waves.

With all the given paybacks for tracing the unlawful and traitorous activities, there are many alarms and dangers being pointed out by human rights advocates and scientists. The agencies of human rights, worldwide, have criticized the system as an affront to the basic human rights because it violates privacy and the dignity of considerations and events of life.

Several countries have opposed it and refer to it as an offence on their human and civil rights. Along with other biological concerns voiced by scientists, R.N.M. remains a controversial technology, which is being used in many countries for security maintenance and surveillance.


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Hi, I’m a wondering artist with a troubled mind looking for answers in theoretical physics, astronomy, quantum mechanics and the little secrets of mind and soul. I have a bachelor in applied nuclear technology and a master in computer science but nothing beats my bass guitar. I would love to have a golden retriever.

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  1. Daine February 20, 2017 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    There is someone who is telling people they can and will make certain not wanted (Down your road, not a different country!) neighbor look like a sex offender,,,, with false accusations or pay your friend from a past, through an illegal unauthorized investigation money to say you did something or pay your local police station to change a background of someone they don’t like! Then implant that person with a cell phone implant make them think they are hearing voices but use it to hold this unauthourised changed investigation event on them until it drives them nuts or they do something that really gets them in trouble! It is the new get you game using implants to put you away through a forced s psychology psych you out game! It is what Gang people and Criminals call this quote: The System That Beats The System!
    Because no one believes you when you say someone is holding you against your will by an unauthourised Unacknowledged situation! You have been “spy kitty” (Read the article of our past wars and spy technology now used again!) with an internal spy mechanism cell phone like implants! This is also called Electronic harassment targeting and a gang member on CNN news told how it’s done and yes they command and control their victim with nonstop hostage like threats and stalking’s while saying cops will never believe you or help you! I say try this to see if it works on you then tell me if this is not true before you say that person is crazy or needs a mental home or institution! And they have this going on in Central W Surrounding towns right now!

  2. Felix May 1, 2017 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    This is science fiction. There is no such thing as “remote neural monitoring”.

    • WASEH October 29, 2017 at 7:25 am - Reply

      There is such thing. They caught me and I have big problems with these guys. Any where I go they are with me they see trough my eyes what I see, they talk to me and they swear at me and……. I NEED HELP! ANY ONE KNOWS HOW TO GET RID OF THESE GUYS. NO ONE BELIEVES ME. THEY THING I AM SICK BUT MY DOCTOR SAYS I AM PERFECTLY OK.

  3. Courtney De longis May 14, 2017 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    Fresh sea water held around head in bottles stops the monitoring, when you now which neighbor put in their direction.

    • John October 16, 2017 at 4:14 am - Reply

      My nabor has a salt water pool. Could that be used against another nabor?

  4. Anon Tipper June 16, 2017 at 1:44 am - Reply

    There are books being written by targeted individuals about this. Michael F. Bell, Dr. John Hall, Jonathan Moreno, Dr. Robert Duncan have all written books about this, Bell and Moreno are the better introductions to it. Check out The stuff is pretty fuckin’ unholy!

  5. Rod August 15, 2017 at 2:53 am - Reply

    What Daine posted is exactly what is happening to me
    They stopped the bullshit and now communicate constantly
    24/7 all day all night as they say:
    “The sheriffs hear everything you say, see everything you do, hear everything you think!”
    They see even when I open my eyes from sleep
    When I pee When I do any thing!
    They call off the speed I’m going in my car, “you went 70 miles an hour we’re calling the chp!
    When my cat is outside, Cattime is outside you asshole, your cats at the back door!
    They play back sounds they’ve recorded from my animals
    2 dogs and a cat. middle of night the dog barks, he’s asleep next to me, passed out, he didn’t make a sound!
    They say your alarm is going off, the sherrifs are outside
    They have all my financial info
    They say their transferring my accounts overseas read off my credit card numbers my bank account numbers
    Constant threats, louder where there are cameras or wifi systems, like stores or at other venues
    Threaten to kill my pets, or to kill me in my sleep “we were in your house when u were sleeping asshole we can get in your house anytime we Want!” meanwhile accusing me of harassing them!
    I don’t even know who they are but my neighbors are envolved because I’ve heard them using the same language they use outside screaming “lock and load” on their property, same things they constantly say in my ear
    Same basic group of people always a female then a male
    One talks crap the next agrees and goes futher with the threats! Back and forth!
    They speak and reply in real time to what I think.
    Been a year, their reading was slow at first with one reading and the next one saying, “What did he say?” Now however it is instantaneous like a real conversation, like they are in a room in front a microphone
    They say to me, when I try to pray,
    Jesus won’t help u, f your mother of god! ( Catholic I am ) beyond uncool!
    No one will help u, no one cares about u!
    That’s crap but who can expect your friends to believe the X files?
    Live alone in the Sierras of California
    No one would ever believe it!
    They say there is a ear phone in me
    Did a ct scan but can’t get my doctor to read it
    They get to whomever u try to to get to help u or the people u ask for help are to busy to even care!
    I need HELP if anyone knows anyone that can help I would be forever grateful Please no little green men bull!
    This is serious,it’s happening, it is fucking torture!
    If anyone can, PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Lms September 10, 2017 at 3:42 am - Reply

      They sound like methheads. Possibly that or Freemasons. I’ve had this going on for 4 years. Started in Calu. Up Redding… They want to see u go crazy.

    • William Mcmillen October 12, 2017 at 3:54 am - Reply

      Are you walking the straight and narrow, they straightened my ass out, i used to sell pills I don’t anymore, i straightened up my life
      ,now things are good for me, i stopped fighting it,

    • Richard Smithson October 27, 2017 at 2:36 am - Reply

      I have the same thing going on what can we do to help each other
      Im serious and i believe you

  6. Remegio Balane August 25, 2017 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    I am Remegio Balane a Filipino. Your experience of hearing voices 24/7 non-stop and mentally torture you is real.Don’t think you are a Schizophrenic. Don’t go to Psychiatrist. I am a Targeted Individual since 1990. I am 57 years old now but still hearing those voices 24/7non-stop even a second. I am monitored any where I go- even abroad. That is for life perpetrated by the governments of the whole world. It is the master plan of the Illuminatti for One World Government and the destruction of Christianity.

  7. prashantha September 12, 2017 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    I am affecting this problem..pls anyone tell me the right medicine for this or any prevention method…
    Plz plz plz help…

  8. Jesse O September 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Well, here is my theory on what’s going on. Because DARPA has an annual contest from different sources regarding their Nano SmartDust technology, many outside sources such as Google, Samsung, etc are attempting to obtain government contracts by providing them with feasible, statisical data of Nano technology. Since they won’t ever get FDA approval for use on the human population, they infest us with this SmartDust by offering us Free “Egg Salad Sandwiches” to our workplace which have the nanobots In them. We devour them, injest them then they program them remotely enabling them to be in sync with not only us but with WiFi and cell phones ( basically making us into a mini cell phone). They then use this collected data to study the effects of certain radio waves on the human body so that they can also simultaneously sell the data of any health benefits to bio medical engineering manufacturers for the purpose of utilizing the viable collected data for the procurement of newer forms of therapies. Why do they need us stationary, well they need us to be in one spot so that they can study us for long term analysis since they need to provide that information to renew contracts with DARPA for future monitary gain from the government. Basically, the government leaves it up to Google, Samsung, etc to obtain the study feedback without really wanting to know of whom it’s being used on. As a result, they think of us PEONS and get irritated when we do anything to improve ourselves since this is DOD funded, it’s principal intention is to be used on possible terrorist as a preventative measure so they treat us with that mindset even if we’ve done nothing wrong. It’s all word specific, meaning that there are special algorithms interconnected with certain words so that when certain words are said, it initiates certain command sequences to go through causing pain, nausea, anxiety, ect. Here’s an example….”All fused locations are Always Smart Mother Funtions Again – Send and push through”

  9. Jesse O September 20, 2017 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    “Also, another thing that I’ve noticed is that there’s a correlation between the hand placement on ones body (as well as with certain electronic devices) in that the nanytes can obtain the digital fingerprint info from the electro magnetic differential from when one holds or touches an electronic device especially cell phones since they have the ability to transmit/ collect radio frequency data. Basically, they like to give hidden commands in the form of a statement (which we would typically misconstru for them just rambling on ) after someone has finished doing something such as “we hate that about you” or “your pissing us off” which that command actually activates the nano signal finders by making them propogate a signal remotely when they know that the signal intensity will be decreased after going to a location with a low signal. One can counteract this by giving an alternative command by saying something like “again” right after or while they’re giving a command….such as “Bluetooth Again – Send and push through”

  10. Elaine October 12, 2017 at 2:35 am - Reply

    I am having the same issues but its my family doing it. I am a drug addict in recovery, and its destroying my relationship with my boyfriend, they would pose as girls that i would hear thinking my boyfriend was cheating on me. Its taken me at least 2 and a half years to understand that they are doing this to me, its driving me crazy and i need to know how to stop it! If any one knows how, i need help! They keep trying to confuse me and my boyfriend doesnt believe me and thinks i am just crazy, I am soon going into a treatment center for drug addiction to get my son back from ocs and i dont know how i am going to be able to handle all the constant rambling that never stops inside my head, if anybody can give me some advice i would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

  11. Mezner November 6, 2017 at 11:19 am - Reply

    I am also experiencing the same issue. I have voices in my head, or rather other people communicating with me. This has been going on for three years now. I am constantly trying to convince them to contact me. They making me do things either for their own gain, to hurt me further or to just to keep the information away from me and their control over my life in their hands. I am committed to get full control of the thoughts in my head back which effects my actions. I have no doubt that the “voices” are real. I have been researching the mind and how it works for the last two years. I do see a positive application of this technology for advances in cognitive understanding and A.I. development, but individual security and privacy should take priority. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION THAT COULD ASSIST ME IN FINDING EITHER THE PEOPLE DOING THIS TO ME or ANY TECHNICAL DETAILS ON HOW THEY DO IT. Thank you!

  12. CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH November 15, 2017 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Wow..I can’t believe this is happening to many. Other people but. This. Is also happening to’s crazy cuz they want to make me think and believe I’m a girl ..I’m a guy ..hahaha..I’ve researched how this remote monitoring works and how they work with mind control.. mind connected to mind . synthetic thoughts .genital stimulation .thought processing .muscle movements .facial movements and contortion. All while telling me I’m a girl..lmao I’m a well looking Latino guy blessed by God in so many ways and I wouldn’t trade that for’s just funny that these sick sociopaths and phsycopaths free Mason satanic creatures not human at all..are trying g so hard to try to confuse and distort the mind of a person that knows God’s creation and Word..they don’t fool me ..they are so constant ..they beyond the word pathetic and sick ..when.i hear them in my voice to skull technology they are guys and girls my age “20s” also Hispanic and very hostile at times but it seems that my neighbor is the handler and Mastermind behind it been going thru this for exactly 1 year…and honestly I already know that the shadow government freemasonic illuminati is behind this all..I’m holding on to God ..he is greater than anything and everything ..I have really bad days and ok the end of it all i know he lets it happen. Maybe not so much for a reason but. Just to let us know that even tho the devil is Prince of this world that HE IS IN CONTROL..PLEASE SEEK ….THIS.TECHNOLOGY IS DEMONIC .THE devil IS TRYING REALLY HARD ..PLEASE JESUS IS THE WAY…GOD BLESS YOU FOLKS..PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF YOU ARE BEING RADIATED AND BEAMED WITH EMF WAVES .DETOX WITH BAKING SODA IN WATER . SSKI POTASSIUM IODIDE AND ALKALOID FOODS AND ASK GOD TO HEAL YOUR MIND AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SOUL AND SPIRIT MIND AND BODY .

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