Isaac Asimov suggested a long time ago that the Moon is not a natural astral body.

Now, certain people believe that Asimov’s calculations were right and the gravitational features of the Moon are not just abnormal. They are the exact numbers required so that the Moon does not escape from the Earth’s gravity and be pulled towards the Sun, as it should be, according to the law of universal gravitation.

According to the article “Long Saga of Lunar Anomalies” by Don Ecker published in the UFO magazine in 1995, hundreds of unnatural phenomena happen on the surface of the moon that NASA never bothered to reveal to the general public but have nevertheless been observed for centuries by independent observers. Based on this, Ecker and other proponents of the theory we will talk about today assume that the Moon is a constructed spacecraft and not a normal astral body.

Let’s investigate what these people claim and why they believe that earth is a prison planet and the moon is an artificial object.

Here are a few of the observations Don Ecker is referring to:

  • The moon is older than the Earth. According to new estimates, the Earth is about 1,000 years younger than the Moon.
  • The dust around the Moon that is supposed to have come from weathering and the breakup of the rocks on the Moon’s surface has a chemical composition that does not match the composition of the rocks on the Moon itself. This dust itself is another billion years older than the moon.
  • While the Moon has no magnetic field, Moon rocks are magnetized.
  • The Moon craters were created through the internal processes, but the Moon has never been hot enough to create volcanos.
  • The Moon is hollow. The proponents of the hollow moon hypothesis believe that it’s either entirely hollow or has a vast vacant space on its inside.
  • The surface metals are heavier than the metals in the core. (Usually, the light metals are found on the surface and the heavier ones closer to the core).
  • The surface metals are composed of 80% titanium. That much titanium does not exist in the entire planet Earth.
  • There is seismic activity on the Moon without corresponding meteor strikes or movement of tectonic plates. In fact, there was an observation of eruptions with a reddish glow precisely identical and repeated, moving the Moon closer to Earth. (Nikolay Kozyrev, 1958, Lowell Observatory, 1963). Does this look like thruster firing to anyone?

Ecker writes that the above, along with myriads of other instances, seem to indicate that the moon has been placed in Earth’s orbit not by an act of random chance or nature, or as a result of the application of any law of astrophysics.

A theory that Moon was placed there as a shield for the Earth from meteorites has been depicted. By whom? God? A weird space warp incidence? Let’s not focus on the shield part. Let’s focus on the “it was placed there” hypothesis. So, that theory accepts that someone placed the Moon where it is, making the debate focus on the purpose.

There have been other theories stipulated, in various timelines and more of spiritual nature, which support the concept that our entire planet was created as a sort of prison. According to one theory, it is a prison for the observation of our species. For another theory, Earth is a spiritual prison.

Putting aside the question mark on the sanity of the people who quoted these theories, and the disqualifications, for obvious reasons, from the authorities responsible for doing so, let’s focus on the notions that these theories are based on.

Let’s keep an open mind about this theory and investigate the arguments of its proponents.

Needless to say that this theory certainly supports something entirely different than what we learned in school. So most people would dismiss it without even considering the arguments. However, the purpose of this article is to give our readers some food for thought to entertain their minds with.

1. Earth is an inherently unstable planet

It cannot support habitation and sustain long-lasting civilizations. What facts support that statement? Continuous earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and other “natural phenomena” that supposedly demolish any civilization that advances too far ahead of its time (Minoan civilization, Atlantis, Pompeii, Damghan (Iran), Antioch, plagues in eastern and western Roman empires, etc).

Is it logical to anyone that mankind tries to build on a foundation that is capable of destroying everything built in a matter of seconds? Can there be any other reason, then the possibility they may have no other option like leaving this planet and go somewhere else with more favorable conditions?

2. Mankind is self-destructive

It’s a bare fact that people cannot stand other people. Wars, attacks, raids, murders, rapes, crime, and anything imaginable from people to hurt other people. Isn’t this exactly what happens in a prison full of criminals?

People are put behind bars when the crime is small scale (individuals and small groups), but large scale “incidents” are recorded in history as significant events like the Crusades, World Wars, Revolutionary Wars, Civil Wars, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun. And they are taught in the history books and schools. Does this make sense to anyone?

3. Mankind is always driven by a “higher force”

Let’s take a look at some of the great figures of history. Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Barbarossa, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Khmer Rouge, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, Francisco Pissarro, Franco, and the list goes on and on. Between them: about 1.000,000,000 dead.

Yes, the figure is correct. One billion dead people in wars driven by a “higher force”. One billion souls sacrificed “in the name of the Higher Force (replace Higher Force with whatever name you prefer)”.

What is the best way to control prisoners? Allow them to retain their gang structure inside? Arian Nation against Black Panthers? Triads against Mafia? Latinos against everyone else?

Divide and conquer. The oldest trick in the book. 756,000 inmates in all the prisons of the world have lost their lives in gang feuds within the prison walls. And for what? An ideology, a race, a way of doing things, a religion, an individual. Any similarities, anyone?

Final Thoughts

There is no solid scientific evidence to support the claims of those who believe that Earth is a prison planet and the Moon is its guardian. Thus, there are no peer-reviewed studies to support the observations Don Ecker is referring to in his article. For example, there is no evidence to confirm the claim about titanium on the moon’s surface and the hollow moon hypothesis is physically unfeasible.

This theory certainly goes beyond the conventional scientific perspective and sounds more like a plot for a sci-fi movie. In any case, our mission on this planet is an interesting subject to ponder about. It’s natural for human beings to question their purpose in life. With all the injustice and suffering taking place in the world, it makes sense why theories like this one arise.

So let’s distance ourselves from the crazy claims this theory makes and regard it in a metaphorical sense. Whether Earth is our prison or not, our purpose on this planet is to become better human beings. You don’t need to be a UFO investigator or a conspiracy theorist to agree with that.



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  1. Cristi Constantin

    Hello, really interesting article, but insufficient documented, I think.
    Well, for example “The Moon is hollow” and “The surface metals are composed of 80% titanium”, where do you get this information? Maybe I’m searching wrong, but all the sites that I found say something completely different…
    I don’t want to criticize, I’m keeping an open mind, but I want to know your sources! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. peter knight

    The moon has been known to ring like a bell..thats the give away for most ppl..its very well known and has been tested…cant believe you cant find that!!!.ie..meaning basically its been hollowed out..

  3. Jamie Mahon

    Okay im a little confused. At first you say that the moon is hollow, and then right after that you say that “The surface metals are heavier than the metals in the core.” which implies that the moon has a core which means that it is not hollow.

    1. Matthew

      picture the moon as a sponge. There is material in side the sponge, but it is not solid all the way through. The internal structures of the moon can be made up of lighter materials than those toward the surface.

  4. Jerry

    Almost all UFO sightings in the past 60 years involved an Army, Air Force, NASA, military base, etc…sure there were some that were outside of this, but if we are to keep an open mind, consider this: these “visitations” were to “stop”, scare, slow down, or divert our progress in either space travel, technology, or military or nuclear advancements. Reason is so we (humans & earth) could continue to grow and populate so when they come to harvest, they have plump, ample supply food source not contaminated with nuclear waste.

    1. jimmime

      Well, when they get here to harvest, they in for bad news, aren’t they? Just look what we have been eating, G.M.O. Now that alone is enough to change our flavor, with added texture from Japan, give it five more years and there won’t be much life left in the Pacific ocean, then what do you feed the stock? MO, GMO. I think no.

  5. FaddishClover

    How exactly do you carbon date the Moon and the Earth?

    1. Nathan

      You don’t, carbon dating can only be done for things up to about 50,000 years, and only on organic, formerly living, material. Other radioisotopes are used to date things older than 50,000 years or inorganic structures. Just one of many things wrong with this article. The earth and the moon rocks recovered by the Apollo astronauts actually have radioisotope dates that are too similar to support the leading theory on the moon’s formation. If the moon were 5.3 billion years old that would actually support the “Giant Impact” theory of the moon’s formation.

  6. Jacob

    what about the evidence that the moon is moving away from the earth at .001 inch every year (not the exact number but it is moving away at X amount per year).
    Also if the Moon is a make shift prison guard, why would it allow us humans, the prisoners, to leave the prison? we visited the moon, and a small handful leave earth to go to ISS (International Space Station.

    1. almxx

      The only time you leave Earth is when death occurs. If you have to return, you have only temporarily left. When you have paid your debt to galactic justice, you leave permanently through death. We are cursed by not knowing our crimes that resulted in Earth imprisonment, or where we are originally from. Earth life being a constant struggle is no accident, as are our individual circumstances. No accidents exist.

  7. Maury

    Truth passes through 3 stages:
    first, it is ridiculed. Second, it is opposed. Third, it is accepted as self evident.
    Arthur Schopenhauer, 19th century philosopher.

    keep up the fantastic work.

  8. Jay

    I did well. I got as far as carbon dating telling us the moon is older than the Earth. Whoever carbon dated ROCKS is very clever. Whatever you think the moon is made from, if it’s not got carbon in it (read: not organic) you can’t carbon date it.

  9. john

    if we are prisoners on earth, then where did we come from and what is our crime.

    as well, when our human body dies, do we go back to original place or do we astro travel somewhere else.

    or even more so — do we reborn again on this planet until our time in up – then what happens.

    this topic has open another can of worms

  10. hannibal

    This makes sense as to why there are no other species around in our solar system. It’s like when you drive past a prison in the middle of no where with signs saying don’t pick up hitchhikers. We are a violent greedy, selfish, ignorant and entitled species that breeds like wildfire. This whole time we have been afraid of aliens attacking us and invading and it might turn out we are the monsters the universe is keeping locked up.

  11. Charlie

    I read this article and I found some things I don’t believe to be accurate. Don’t take it from me but I think what I’m saying makes sense. Anyway, here (going off of the bullets at the beginning of the article):
    1: Radiometric dating was performed on moon rocks and checked out to show that they were the same age as the earth.
    2: Weathering and breakup of rocks, even decay require an erosion agent such as water or wind, neither of which he moon possesses. (It doesn’t even have an atmosphere, obviously.)
    3: The magnetism in moon rocks is residual from when the moon was hot enough at the core to provide a magnetic field.
    4: While the moon, at some point, was probably hot enough to allow volcanic activity, there is no evidence that the craters were created that way.
    5: There is absolutely no evidence supporting the fact that the moon is hollow. Also, check your physics textbook. It’s not possible.
    6: First off, there’s no way to know that, and second, impossible. Solar systems aren’t even like that.
    7: I’d have to do some research about this one, but I feel like I’d know about this already. Wouldnt the moon be sorta…shiny?
    8: So. This reddish glow. If the moon had been moved noticeably toward the earth, we would have noticed. Also, thrusters careen the object in the opposite direction that they fire so…is someone watching the other side of the moon? It just seems bologna to me.
    Well, there it was. I can’t assure you that the work of a 14-year-old is Stephen Hawking level, but that’s just what I thought about this stoof. Hope I was any help.

  12. Adam

    I always find these new moon theories to be quite fascinating, though I am not an ardent follower on these topics, so am by no means fluent with it at all. After watching some of those flat earth videos recently, it has been weighing on my mind just what the moon is and what is responsible for its light, its movements and what makes up its structure. It begins to get overwhelming to digest all the new information and ideas coming out lately.

  13. Jesse Goens

    Hello Peter,

    I have been thinking and searching for the truth of our existence since I was 9 yeas old. years ago I felt as if we all were being observed by some higher power, but as of late this feels like a prison for our sprits, what was my crime to be sent here to live this life of struggle, heartache and pain, I don’t know what it’s is because it has nothing that do with this humanoid exprince.

    Peter you have to understand most people believe this is all real it’s the brain washing we all get from school and TV. When I was in Elamentray school I Remember they thought us that this was a great beautiful blue marbal. The EGO that lives as part of this body won’t allow most of us to see that we’re not this body’s it’s like this if most people believe that this is a prison for there sprit/mind because it would invalidate there existence as they know it to be true so this is why you have so many people are trying to discount your spot on truth.

    I also think that if it’s not a punishment prison then some entity is benefiting from great emotions we all go though like Love hate pain etc. Our would is runs on a circular time the day and the year were just going around and around with no goal in sight.

    Peter I am so glade you wrote the truth keep it it up, am also so glade that there others like me that see th truth for what it is.

    Jesse Goens

    Yes this would act just like a prison how would I know because I was sent there for 16 months for not pulling over for the police for 15 min. I got to exprince prison first hand and I tell you people that think there free act exactly like the ones in prison.

    1. nova

      personally ive never been in jail

  14. Torppet

    Yes, I do think this is a prison for the souls. There are different prisons in our Universe, depending on the crime that the souls have done. This is a prison for family affairs.Parents killing their children, children killing parents – and not to forget the brothers… Like Kain and Abel.
    A soul cannot be free of this prison planet before the person understands the problem of his/her soul. After that there will be testing and checking before the person will be freed of this planet and go to other planets and live other kinds of lives, learning other kinds of things.
    The other thing is that NASA is not trustworthy. There are a lot of things about space travel that do not seem to true.

  15. e j gionet

    If this planet is not a prison then why have all the elite spent billions if not trillions during the past 60 years trying to get off of the planet. It seems to me that everything humans need is here on earth. A prison is a microcosm of the earth. My soul confines my life force and my body confines my soul and the earth confines my body and space confines the planet and so forth. Just do your time and heal yourselves and maybe you will be released.

  16. Leslie

    Very interesting article. Another theory is that millennia ago some angelic forces decided they wanted to do an experiment on earth to make it more ‘solid’ and speed up evolution, although they were advised against it. As a result people are stuck in the reincarnation cycle but this wasn’t intended in the beginning. This earth indeed became a prison.

  17. Alexa

    I also think it’s a prison but in a different sense. I believe we are being controlled by the Demiurge (Satan) and his archons. I don’t think humans are the main culprits of all the evil we are around us. There are a lot of humans that ARE a part of the evil but at the core I believe a lot of humans are morally good. I also don’t think it’s fair that we are being punished for our galactic ancestors crimes. Same as it wouldn’t be fair for a woman’s children to be put in jail bc the mother decided to commit a crime. That’s why in THAT sense it’s hard to believe that we’re a prison planet bc of US

  18. Eliza Mellon Swain

    TFW (that means “that feeling when” grandpa) Ingo Swan remote views those naked dudes on the moon

  19. Eliza Mellon Swain

    And again in reference to Max Heindel- this made me think of ‘Catholicism and Freemasonry’ // the other articles reminded me of ‘Cosmo Conception’

    Fantastic articles, thank you so much for sharing your brain

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