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Hi, I’m a wondering artist with a troubled mind looking for answers in theoretical physics, astronomy, quantum mechanics and the little secrets of mind and soul. I have a bachelor in applied nuclear technology and a master in computer science but nothing beats my bass guitar. I would love to have a golden retriever.
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Mysteries of the World War II: Why Hitler Didn’t Destroy the British at Dunkirk

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On May 24, 1940, the Germans had the opportunity to annihilate the British Expeditionary Force in France, the 1st French Army and the Belgian army at Dunkirk. If they had done so, there would be no more World War II, as England would have been left defenseless and easy to invade and conquer, France would no [...]

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Great People, Strange Wills: 9 Weirdest Last Wishes of Famous People

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Throughout the entire world, last wills and testaments are considered sacred and whatever is included in them, must be carried out to the letter, as a sign of respect to the last wishes of the deceased. It is, of course, a common phenomenon, to challenge a will in court. This is usually done because the [...]

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5 Fantastic Ancient Inventions Lost in the Mist of Time

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We always think that technology is now at its highest peak and advancing rapidly, because the research restrictions that plagued it in the past, have been lifted. Yet, we constantly discover inventions of as far back as the ancient times that puzzle us, not only because we cannot understand how it was possible to create [...]

  • Super Antibiotic

New Super Antibiotic Found in Dirt Can Kill Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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Doctors have been praying for years for a new active ingredient in antibiotics that would be able to kill all the powerful and resistant bacteria like MRSA and TB. In fact, it has already been 25 years since the last antibiotic was released to the general public and, to be honest, people had started to [...]

  • particle physics

Understanding the Basics of Particle Physics

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The laws of physics have to do with the forces and correlations between the tangible objects of our surroundings, which in physics are described as matter, and the energy emissions between these objects, that are in general described as radiation. In order to do that, we must reduce the study to the smallest possible constituents [...]

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Fringe Science: Atrocity or Advancement?

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If you were to look at the word “fringe” in a dictionary, you would find that one of its definitions is “the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group or sphere of activity”. In science, this would mean to search for what is not commonly acceptable, away from the orthodox theories and outside [...]

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Is War a Method of Human Population Control?

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We have often discussed that mankind is an ugly, violent and horrendously criminal race. We have often discussed how we kill each other for pleasure or vengeance and actually without real reason. And we have often discussed that when murders occur in small numbers it is called a crime and it’s punished by justice, but [...]

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6 Forgotten Inventors Whose Inventions Changed the World

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Everyone uses every day a number of appliances that have made their life a lot easier. In fact, many of us would not function without them. While we remember and acknowledge the big names of science (Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Heisenberg), they actually did not affect our lives in the same way, as some other simple people. [...]