Unusual Personality Test That Will Reveal Much about Your Perception of Life

///Unusual Personality Test That Will Reveal Much about Your Perception of Life

One of the basic rules of this test is to write what you feel and what first comes to mind.

It’s fine if you have the same answers to different questions. Do not read all at once! Read the questions one by one and do not rush. It will not be so interesting to see the next question if you are still writing the answer to the previous one.

Well, if a pen and a piece of paper are in front of you, then let’s begin!

1. You are peering into the sea, what do you feel? Focus only on your first impression. You can close your eyes to better feel it…

2. You are walking through the woods and look at the ground. Write down what you feel.

3. What do you feel when looking at flying seagulls? It’s all right if in this case you make up with a quick response.

4. What about a herd of horses? Write the first thing that comes to mind, avoid thinking for too much time.

5. You are in the desert, standing by the wall with a small hole, behind which you see the oasis. What are your actions? Don’t write just your thoughts and feelings, but focus on what you would do in this situation.

6. You are still in the desert, completely exhausted, and suddenly see a water jug. Once again, your actions are what matters in this question. Your answer may sound banal, but still, write it down.

7. You are lost in the woods in the evening and see a house with lights on. Write what you’re gonna do.

8. You’re in the fog. Once more, focus on actions and write down how you would behave.


1. Your attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

2. The way you feel in your own family.

3. Your attitude towards women.

4. Your attitude to men.

5. Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.

6. How selective you are in sexual life. Choice of a partner.

7. Your readiness for marriage.

8. Your attitude to death.


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  1. Lawrence October 21, 2017 at 4:32 am - Reply

    1) Peering into the sea
    I feel powerless not to see through, yet, I know there is a life there. I smell the sea, and I see the foam over a blue sea. Not afraid, but cautious not to get lost.

    2) Looking at the ground in the forest
    I look at a soft plush carpet of moss. It feels comfortable under my feet. It feels like a healthy place. I also see water, just a little further. I love it.

    3) Looking at seagulls
    Usually, seagulls are looking down for food when they fly over a given spot. I wonder what there is that they want from around me. They are wildlife, I’m happy to see them.

    4) Looking at horses
    Power, strength, muscle, competition, time constraint, sweat, work.

    5) Hole in a wall in the desert
    It’s the desert, I’m thirsty or will be shortly. I have to get to that oasis. I dig a larger hole in the wall to get through. (I don’t climb over the wall, but I have no clue as to why)

    6) A jug full of water in the desert
    I smell it, inspect it… if thirsty enough, I drink some, wait a while, drink more. Keep the rest for my trip home. I wonder where it comes from.

    7) Lost in the forest at night see a lit house
    I go around the house, spy inside. If all seems safe, I ring the bell.

    8) Blinded by the fog
    Get lower to the ground to try to see through. I may have to stop my journey until I can see something.

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